London Eye

London Eye is a very famous carousel in the middle of London. The carousel is a famous sight which many tourists decides to try.

It is 135meter tall and opened for tourists in Marts 2000.

London Eye is designed by the architects David Marks and Julie Barfield. There is 32 closed cabins. Actually the cabins goes from 1–33, but they left out number 13 for good luck. It rotates with a speed of 0.9km/h. This means, if you decides to take a ride, it will take you about 28 minutes for a full rotate.

The carousel is a very attractive tourist attraction, but they still need to pay 1.5 billion DKK and raises with 250million DKK every year.

If you decides to go for a ride, a tickets costs 21.50 £, and it can carry up t0 800 visitors at once.

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