It’s Time For All Conservatives to Come Home Now

The Republican party is over. It’s time to jump ship.

There are many of you self-proclaimed Republicans who have been rethinking that word and exactly what it means for you, your families, your friendships, your communities, your jobs, your sanity, and for your nation. Republican has become a loaded word, or as Max Brooks might say, “a devastating word”. Many speak it now and in the same breath regret saying it, smacking their lips at the putrid taste; grimacing at the awful stain it adornes to their once proud conscience.

You are not alone in the slightest.

We realize now that as much as we claim to despise the progressive agenda, the slow socialist tide creeping toward us, that relentless beating upon our liberties and inalienable rights, that which threatens to secure them either by force or by the compliance of surrender… Yes, it turns out the Democrats were right about us Righties.

I’m twenty three years young going on twenty-four. As a child I lived under the presidency of Bill Clinton and the introduction of George W. Bush, though I hardly remember it. As a tween and into my teenager years I lived under Bush, unaware and uninterested in the political system. Then, throughout high school and even into college life, I witnessed the impact of a true modern progressive president, Barack Obama.

These descriptors — these qualifiers — make no difference in the end, regardless of the political weight they carry. Progressive. Moderate. Conservative. Rhino. Leftist. Right wing. Liberal. Socialist. All they do for us now, and all they’ve done since I’ve been around, is make appalled faces and point fingers. It doesn’t make a difference who anyone is anymore. We don’t give a damn. All we want is blood.

And rightly so.

It has been the experience of my short life to witness the gradual decline of what those wiser than I keep saying was once a great nation. I have grown up under a political system that has shoved me aside, told me to keep my mouth shut, get in line, and just vote. I have seen politician after politician get up on that stage and on television and lie to themselves and to everyone they know. Time and time again you and I have played this game and it’s the only game I’ve ever known.

Donald Trump is not the candidate that America nor the people deserve, but he is absolutely, without a doubt, the candidate the Republican party deserves. I’ve spent a long time trying to rationalize the Trump phenomenon, and I’ve heard many give their case, that it’s strategy, or that he’s an outsider, or that he “says what he means”. I’ve even heard some try to convince me that his policies are worth mentioning.

But I think as we’ve all seen, anger is the primary motivator for Trump’s support. Deep down, the majority of us just want to see the Republicans squirm. I know I do. They need to pay for what they’ve done, for all the times they’ve lied to us, for all the times they sat behind their cozy desks making deals with Democrat friends, for all the times they caved to political pressure and sold out their constituents.

Trust me, I get it.

The Democratic party wants to destroy this country by changing it fundamentally. But at least their honest about it. At least they have the guts to punch me in the face. I don’t have to worry about being stabbed in the back. It’s their own supporters who’ll get the knife eventually, too, once they understand the sacrifice required for a socialist utopia, but I can face that reality head on.

The Republican establishment, however, is much worse, because not only are they secretly just as progressive as the Left, but they have the audacity to hide behind the banner of conservatism to gain power. It’s completely true that the Left never has a political problem with consistency. They’re left, and they know they’re left, and they’ll die Left. But Republicans change their ideology whenever the situation calls for it.

Trump has no ideology. He’s a lying bastard who doesn’t know a thing about his own policies, but it’s so obvious it’s almost as if he’s the most honest guy in the world. By not knowing what I’m going to get with Trump, I sort of know exactly what I’m going to get. He’s the most candid fool I’ve ever seen grace the stage, and that stark contrast to a calm, rehearsed politician, is just too incredible to pass up.

Bush caved to Trump’s attacks like an injured puppy getting kicked by a sick kid on the playground. It’s so bad you can’t help but watch. Bush really thought from the very beginning that he had the presidency in the bag, and to see the look on his face as it slipped right through his fingers by the likes of Trump, warranted or not, is exactly the sort of political blood we wanted to see in this election cycle.

What politicians have utterly failed to understand for so long now, is that they belong to us. Their salary belongs to us. Their office belongs to us. Their title, their prestige, their life, their liberty, their sacred honor; it belongs to the American people. When you decide to run for office, you decide to sacrifice your personal ambitions to become a proxy for the will of those you represent. And if and when you foolishly decide to take matters into your own hands, for your own sake, at the expense of the people: we get to fire you. You are not elected to make friends. You are not elected to cut deals. You are not elected to get reelected. You are not elected to make excuses or complain. You’re elected to get the job done, and to get it done right.

Let me be clear, here, in saying that just as politicians have a responsibility to us, we as citizens have just as important of a responsibility to our country and our values. We put these cowards into power. Through our ignorance and willful surrender, we allowed these tyrants to decieve us and have made empty threats for so long that the Republican establishment believes it can get away with just about anything. Trump is a way of reminding them that we the people decide who’s in charge. We can put whoever we want to in the presidential suite, and there’s nothing you spineless Republicans can do about it.

Isn’t that right?

But inevitably, all of us at some point have to realize that Trump, as entertaining as he is, doesn’t really care about America or the people. Trump cares about Trump. He knows it. We know it. Everyone knows it. And this whole thing has been loads of fun, trust me. But as the great one, Mark Levin, said recently, in a speech at the first Conservative Review: Conservative Convention, “It’s time for all conservatives to come home now.” And he’s right. We’ve played this game long enough.

Trump is ultimately just another appendage of an otherwise long and disgusting snake, a simple extension of a game I no longer wish to play. The name calling, the finger pointing, the phony principles, the arrogance, the foolishness, the horrid policies — these are symptoms of a disease in Washington that we’re all claiming to rally against, is it not? We’ve had our fun. We’ve let out our anger. We’ve shown the Republicans that the power still resides with us, but there’s more at stake in this election than simply showing them who’s boss.

We can’t afford to be hypocrites.

We must find again within ourselves the meaning and necessity of a conservative America. We must, against all odds, defend this once great republic from the prospect of national suicide by the left and the right. We must realize and come to terms with the fact that the Republican party, however well intended some might be, no longer identify with the values of constitutional conservatives. The Republican party is a lost cause. Even I can recognize that. Donald Trump was the nail in the coffin, the push that we all needed, the jolt awake that we’ve been praying for. And for that, I thank him.

I no longer identify with the Republican party. I’m not sure if I ever did. Maybe on the surface there was something there, but no longer. I do trust the conservative constitutionalists that still reside there, and I would encourage them to get out while they can. The establishment despises us. We’ve been fighting for control as long as I can remember, but it’s not worth it. They can keep their crummy party.

Whether a new party is warranted I cannot say, but only hope. In my lifetime I would like to say I belong to something I believe in, something that matters, something truly conservative. Maybe I’ll live to see the day.

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