10 Things Ken Paxton Loves


While families around the Lone Star State were grilling burgers or watching the start of the college football season this weekend, Ken Paxton was preparing for a big week of work after Labor Day. Tomorrow, the Texas Attorney General currently indicted for securities fraud is facing a federal judge in Fort Worth to argue that the Affordable Care Act’s protection of preexisting conditions is unconstitutional.

Indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton wants conditions like diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and more, to be grounds for insurance companies to not cover Texans. He’s working really hard for insurance companies to regain the ability to hurt Texans.

In contrast to an overwhelming majority of Texans, Ken Paxton doesn’t like protections for pre-existing conditions. The Dallas Observer has already covered ten other things indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton doesn’t like, so I wanted to list ten things that I know he loves:

  1. Rule breakin’

Texans deserve an Attorney General who can devote his time and energy to serving Texans as the state’s top law enforcement official. Unfortunately, Ken Paxton is awaiting trial for his own securities fraud charges. He’s too busy with other legal problems to effectively represent the state of Texas in court.

2. Anyone willing to pick up the tab for his legal problems

Paxton took donations from “friends” for his legal defense fund, including $100k from James Webb, owner of Preferred Imaging LLC. At the same time, Preferred Imaging LLC was under investigation by Paxton’s own office.

3. Shiny things

In 2013 an attorney lost his $1k Montblanc pen while going through a metal detector screening. Upon reviewing security footage, Ken Paxton can be seen taking and walking off with the pen. After being contacted by the Collin County Sheriff’s office, Paxton returned the pen, calling the encounter, “an honest mistake.”

4. The radical right

Empower Texans is a rightwing group dedicated to promoting extremist candidates in Texas Republican primaries and elections. Naturally, indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton loves Empower Texans. Since Empower Texans is suing the Texas Ethics Commission to strip the Commission of all its regulatory abilities over campaign ethics violations, the Office of the Attorney General has refused to defend the Commission. The Texas Ethics Commission has requested additional funding because Texas’ Attorney General won’t defend ethics in court.


5. Giving people a good scare

Hundreds of stories of Houstonians coming together during Hurricane Harvey’s devastation of the city show that when times are tough, Texans stand together. For Ken Paxton, however, tough times in Texas are opportunities to spread fear and misinformation. Earlier this year, during the Austin bombing crisis in which two people lost their lives, Attorney General Ken Paxton contradicted federal investigators and spread false information on an unrelated incident.

6. Himself

Following the shooting of Dallas police officers, Ken Paxton went on national TV shows just to draw attention to himself. Reporters and news media wanted clarification in light of many conflicting reports. Paxton, not privy to any information or decision-making regarding the shooting, had to repeatedly dodge answering questions from journalists desperate for information.

7. Deporting Texans chasing the American Dream


It’s sometimes hard to get Texans to agree on things. From fights over whether the Dallas or Houston has the best football team, to disagreements on whether Austin or San Antonio has the best breakfast tacos, Texans are an opinionated bunch. And yet, a majority of Texans have come together to support a program that gives young immigrants to stay in the country they’ve always known as home. Of course, Ken Paxton is leading a lawsuit to end this program.

8. Insurance companies

Always a leader, again, Ken Paxton is leading a lawsuit that will hurt millions of Texans. Our state’s indicted Attorney General is set to argue before a federal judge on September 5th that Texans with pre-existing conditions don’t deserve federal protections. Surely, Ken Paxton is not influenced by the $300,000 in campaign donations he’s received from the insurance industry.

9. Separating families

Even though the Trump administration backtracked on the policy, Ken Paxton proudly supported the Trump administration’s efforts to separate children from their moms and dads at the border.

10. Totally qualified, expert witnesses

Since 2013, Ken Paxton’s office gave $500k to “expert witnesses” whose testimonies were either thrown out of court by the judge or were totally ignored by juries. In their dismissals, judges cited the “experts” as lacking credentials or possessing ignorance of relevant laws. It’s great to know that our indicted Attorney General relies on experts to inform his judgment on pressing issues affecting Texans!