The tough game of entrepreneurship

We all know it in the world of building a Startup. We build something, we think it is hard. we think we have been working for a large amount of time. We work for 5,6,7 months and now we think we deserve the attention from people on this amazing thing that we have created. Heard that before? We could not be more wrong. Actually we do not deserve shit. Why? because we did not earn the attention of any yet.

We all know the feeling of the rush when we spot an opportunity. The goosebumps that rise on the arm and the fame and money we see towards the end of that magic tunnel. You can already taste the smell of victory and we actually at first believe we will be at the end of that tunnel sooner rather than later. I always thought (like most new founders) that I would just come up with a brilliant idea, bring it to market and the customers will just stand there in line waiting to make the purchase. Well, I could not have been more wrong. Thinking this way just turns us into another loser who are trying to win at record speed. The winners are the ones who are understanding the unspoken language of patience and earning the attention of people by providing tons of value before you ask them for anything.

Lets face it, today it is cool to be an entrepreneur, and we all love showing of our fancy titles as : Founder, CEO, CTO, COO, CMO, CFO or whatever bullshit tag we all have nowadays. But what will it actually say to be an entrepreneur? If im singing at home, am I then a singer? The amount of fake entrepreneurship in 2017 is unbelievable and lets be honest: we are all contributing to it. I actually do believe that there is a lack of common sense in the system of entrepreneurship. I first and foremost believe that most of this comes down to selfawareness. We gotta understand that we are not all build to be entrepreneurs just like we are not all build to be boxers, musicians, footballers and so on.


Forget about the money, fame and freedom that comes with winning in the tough game of entrepreneurship. We all know it and we all see it. It does not take many searches on the different social media sites to find the thousands of winners — the problem with that: we do not see the MILLIONS of “losers”! Nobody wants to show off a failure. And yes, most of the people in entrepreneurship is losing. Just like in any other game — few winners and a bunch of losers. Why am I saying this? To get us all to understand that we got to love the journey of building our own dream. It takes an incredible amount of time and the sacrifices that we have to make is unbelievable high and if you do not love the game of entrepreneurship it’s simply not worth it. Entrepreneurship is about playing the long game. It is about waking up everyday and just looking forward to another day trying to tell your story and providing value to a hopefully increasing audience. My name is Jakob and I am ready to eat shi*.