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I have to preface my response with the sad idea that I’m seventy years old. ( The headshot is actually me as of five years ago. Not much has changed on the exterior )

We are a divided demographic . I, like you, am a die hard reactionary .

That’s a polite way of saying , I’m a cynic.

There are two camps defining people of a “certain age “ That’s about as cliche as you can get.

I’ll set the standard between fifty to infinity . All depending on your religious beliefs.

I have dear friends I grew up with , that are still with me . Some embrace growing old. They still see the best of everything and everyone .

I love them,but don’t understand them.

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

I thought it a bit hypocritical to write something to the effect that your not necessarily saying,things were better in your youth,than they are presently .

We both know,that’s not the way we see the world. Our world view is skewed ,by today’s standards.

Technology has changed the landscape to a virtual reality .

I should mention,never take anything I write as an absolute . I may be an “absolute “ imbecile ,but that would be conjecture on your end.

It’s difficult to write in a limited and off the cuff time frame.

Do you parse your words ? No. Don't have the time.

To all those that have daughters . Leave them with this thought.”NO” is a complete sentence.

We have dummied down as a society.

We’ve become too dependent on technology .

We no longer believe in spelling out what we are trying to say .

Acronyms have become de rigueur .

I make no apologies in respect to what I write.

Stream of consciousness ,if not exactly grammatically correct,possibly lacking syntax with grace, is, if nothing else,honest.

I’ve always maintained ,that what editors worth their salt are for.

In closing. I’m well aware of the fact,that I write in a non sequitur fashion.

In hopes that I will someday have and make the time to write a concise story.

Ps. I’m a songwriter . Both melodies and lyrics. Therein lies the timetable . You figure it out ,if you already haven’t .

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