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Great piece,or as Trump would say “ Grate Peace “ …

Interesting that you worked as a nurse.

The unsung heroes of the world.

You could have dismissed the celebrity free for all.

Just the idea of people living through their personal hell,albeit physical or psychological .

People that have by circumstance or design came up short.

Many made great sacrifices for others .

It means nothing to the masses of imbeciles that “ write “ the mediums headlines ( no capital “M” ) .

Something about the meek inheriting the earth ?

We are so far out of touch with reality in this country and its spreading globally.

Our worldview is askew to a degree ,I would not have believed possible .

Degrees of rightness .

As “ He” once said .

“ The Media Is The Message”

God help us . ( or any other deity you may believe in )


This is the first thing I’ve read today.

Not going to be a great day.

Wish I could say your full of crap.

Unfortunately,your not .

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