You want to know how to build an audience? Read this.
Jon Westenberg 🌈


I read your article and from an organic perspective of marketing techniques ,I believe it’s spot on.

However,this is about building an audience and keeping them in your favor.

The only thing not mentioned ,is the idea of brilliant,unbridled talent and charisma.

In other words “ greatness and distinction “ in what you do.

I’m sure your and your readers,aka audience,are aware of the 10,000 hours it takes at any given task to achieve something that shows you have discipline, fortitude ,stamina and a belief in what you do.

There is something to that.

You may find an audience and they may be devout to your cause.

The problem I have ,is the fact that the younger musicians today,do not have any of the above mentioned attributes .

Creatively,technically musical,gift for hearing complicated vocal harmonies and time shifts rhythmically etc.

I feel the younger generation ,has dummied down music to a degree that has never been heard before ,let alone seen.

So much is studio reliant ,in respect to the ones that have made the grade,so to speak.

If every there was a truism in music it is this.

Genius in creative musicality needs three things.

A piano or guitar.

A Vox . That’s funny,with the cap “V” ( The default for voice has become an amplifier “brand” used by this certain over fifty years ago )

And an original piece of composition.

That is what genius is.

No need for anything else,in the nascent stage of a song.

It’s all there .

You can’t turn it up,and you can’t turn it on.

We remember the creme de la creme of composers from the eighteenth century,of we use Beethoven as the master of the classical genre.

Technically proficient to a degree that is other worldly ,regardless of your feeling the format or not.

Any of these period musicians could play anything technically.

That’s not what they are remembers for.

They are remembered for what they composed . ( Mozart,Bach and Schubert for my liking )

Then early nineteenth century,we have Gershwin’s and Porter etc.

We all know what and who happened in the sixties .

They had it all as well.

I listen to what is considered relevant now and don’t see anything other than the immediate future .

What happened to melody in the extreme ?

Clever and difficult two,three and four part harmonies ?

Effects created from nothing other than experimentation and the idea of “ What if we tried this “ in the studio .

Now with Pro Tools and every synth imaginable ,as well as pitch control for the vocals ( can’t promote Vox again :) ,there is little need to develop your craft and put in your 10,000 hours .

If musicians can live with themselves ,by drawing a crowd and feeling that energy and love from their audience.

More power to them.

Just don’t call it “ genius “ .

Call it good roots marketing …

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