Why I love the blank page
Jonas Ellison


You had to write this .

Given our independent demographics,says much.

I do a trouble take,when I see writers referring to a blank page,as a screen.

I still have my old fountain pens and God knows how many Moleskin journals ( pronounce “ moleskin “ correctly ) lying all over my home .

I’m suggesting ,people of a younger generation,go out and buy an inexpensive fountain pen and a few bottles of “ blank” ink.

You will write differently …

You’ll see more edits and revisions than you can imagine .

Enough about my reactionary tales of woe . ( I’m thinking,your thinking . Christ ! Why would anyone go to all that trouble,when I can edit,have spellings errors remedied etc .at will )

Terrible morning habit of mine.

Closest thing to defining “ no sequitur “ …

The worst thing that has ever happened to the written word and creativity is the way it was taught in grammar ,middle and high schools .

I won’t even venture into the university levels.

We have all been so hood winked before we even got close to a higher education .

I think the point Jonas made in respect to this issue is paramount .

Who the hell cares about diagraming a sentence ?

What child is moved by knowing the parts of speech ?

Why did the system stifle creative thinkers ?

When,if ever , did the instructors/school teachers realize what they were doing to creative young minds ?

I look back on those years,and am dumb founded as to the how and why people in academia, believed that their principles of speech, and the written word had to be technically correct,to have meaning .

Children in seventh and eighth grade,if not earlier, were taught all these conditions must be met. ( to be able to write a cohesive sentence )

The first mistake they made was in the idea of what books must be read .

That’s dictatorship,bordering on literary fascism .

This whole idea that we are all created equal ( only some more equal than others ) is the biggest load of crap !

Did the powers that be,have any insight into what may be lurking in the minds of kids ?

Apparently not .

If they only had taken the time to glean the differences in children,rather than their commonalities.

If so,possibly they could have done some good,rather than putting restraints on creative minds.

It’s doesn’t stop there unfortunately .

I’ll say this and I am unequivocal about this .

The system has done more damage to creative writers,than we will ever know.

It’s just a matter of degree.

The “ blank page “ should be what we live and die for,

Shame on you !

Ps. I assume everyone is aware that the thinkers in this millennium,( and quite a few years prior ) are aware that the creative thinkers with passion and vision,are for the most part college drop outs.

These are the people ( if I get gender specific,I’ll get hammered ) that over rode what was the accepted norm.

Think “outside of the box “ is the most common overused catchphrase of a generation.

It may be cliche’ ,but sometimes cliche’s hit the mark.

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