Create like no one knows your name
Jonas Ellison


The reality is this. I write this unequivocally . Use your given name on everything you write.

If certain people can’t accept any changes you may have experienced from one day to the next,it tells you two things .

First. They are not people you would want to know .

Secondly. They lack courage/creativity and don’t understand the idea of “ change “ .

We seem to want validation from others ,like it defines our self worth.

Every great writer throughout history has taken up the challenge of being ostracized ( yep ! I had to look up the spelling ) by the masses,critics and their peers.

We have been hard wired to believe that if others don’t approve of whatever it is we “ do “ we are failures .

I know it’s cliche’ to mention that every person of note,that has done something of great merit,has had many failures along the way to acceptance and success .

That’s the whole point !

You can “w’rote” / write ( accidental malaprop ) by design or from the heart.

It takes courage to write from your soul and leave it out there to be scrutinized by others . People you will never meet,let alone ever know.

Anything with a heavy overtone of erotica is considered provocative.

It’s alarming that few appear to understand what the word “ provocative“ actually means . It always seems to appear to have a sexually transmitted meaning.

A Millers Tale. You can write the same meaning many ways .

But if you remain safe,and edit yourself for others consumption, you’ve sold out.

I also realize it is much easier for someone like me,addressing someone else’s issue,that I have nothing to lose.

With that said. I wrote a story I put on Medium about a month ago.

It was so personal ,I can’t believe I had the courage to write it for anyone to read.

This gets back to your point of change .

There have been days when I think “ What the hell have I done ? I must delete that post.

I play into the fears like everyone else . Thinking if people read this ,they will think I’m a narcissist, that I intentionally led someone else on for my own gratification among other things. Very,very personal,and not flattering .

Anyone that is creative is going to change from one days to the next . Some days you have the spirit and confidence ,other days you feel like a total fraud .

It all goes back to the beginning of what I responded to.

The people that actually matter,should embrace you. The others were poseurs to begin with .

Why is it we let others that have no idea of awareness and live lives of static influence us?

Don’t let them. If you “feel” on any day, that you have the desire to write something over the top sexually provocative . Do it !

The consequences may or may not hurt you inside . It’s difficult not to be thin skinned ,when your putting it out there for all to read .

It’s a matter of believing you can handle any slights that may come your way.

Conversely ,I would hope readers would accept and encourage your honesty and faith in whatever it is you write.

It would weed out people that have their own issues and don’t want a mirror held up to their face ,because they don’t like what they see.

I hope you do it.

“By lines”are what successful writers crave and struggling writers strive for. But unless you throw everything at the page ,you’ll never know what sticks .

Bon chance


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