Me & my meds
Rosemary Donahue


If your feeling shame because of the fact that you are taking Rx drugs, I would suggest you view it in these terms .

We need to eat certain foods to stay alive. We must ingest something. We must hydrate ourselves ,we drink liquids .

Why do some people believe in “ healthy “ diets ? Because they believe it will make them feel better,possibly only physically .

If you were a diabetic and had to shoot yourself up everyday ,with insulin ,I don’t believe people would be judgmental …

I’ll close with a story,that is incredible .

I know a woman,that was extremely depressed ,suicidal . All of us have been aware of this for some time now.

There are three of us that have keys to her apartment.

She had been speaking quite a bit about this idea of ending her life. She was seeing a therapist ( Phd ) and they cannot prescribe drugs .

Primary care doctors can,but are quite unaware, as you have suggested . Hence she was as misinformed as anyone .

On this particular day,no one had heard from her. So one of us went over to visit her . She was in her room. There was a rope with a noose on one end,tied to her bedpost .

The ropes knots were what one would use. The length was ,I believe twenty feet. She lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building .

The bedpost with rope firmly attached,the window open,with the thirty foot fall ,the noose in place. It was just a matter of timing .

This is going to sound bizarre . But think about it.

Suicide in many cases is a temporary insanity. Many times depression can be caused by real,life experiences . That doesn’t mean your crazy. It means there are an inordinate amount of bad things happening in your life ,simultaneously .

That was her satiation. Someone took a chance with her life,and it saved her life .

He recently had surgery on a broken tooth,from a skiing accident . Dentists love giving out Percocet for pain. Usually only ten,at most.

However,a 10 mg tablet of oxycodone ,if you have not taken them habitually,will get you quite enlightened for a few hours. Euphoric ,as they like to say.

He thought quickly and insisted she take one of his pills. She reluctantly did so.

Obviously Percocet is an analgesic ( pain med ) ,but one side effect that is quite constant is a feeling of euphoria . I’m not referring to drug abusers,or people that take pain meds recreationally .

She had not eaten this particular day. As everyone knows,you want food in your stomach if taking a strong narcotic . Just a piece of toast and a glass of OJ,to flush down the pill.

Within an hour,there were three people visiting her. She was upbeat,optimistic about the future and could not believe what she was about to do ,an hour earlier.

The side effect of a drug,saved her life . It just got her over a hump of profound sadness,from life events .

Here we are two years later. She is better than ever … “All things must pass” and they did …

The side effects of anti depressants,as you pointed out, vary from person to person. They rely too heavily on the side effects of one drug,to treat another symptom.

I’m in no way suggesting people take hard drugs to combat depression. This was an isolated condition . It was the drug,and as importantly,having her friends there.

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