This is How Most People Actually Listen to Music
Paul Cantor

The first paragraph ?

It’s a contradiction.

Demographics mean everything . ( I’m referring to age ,more than any other element )

I agree wholeheartedly with music being an “ add on “ to ones life.

A backdrop or backbeat to ones daily routine .

However,I’m on the dark side of sixty ( Yes ! Years ).

There was a time when people ( the hoi polloi ) actually listened to music in a much different context.

This of course was prior to technology, that traded off quality for quantity .

It would be difficult to define when the actual paradigm shift hit the masses .

It has changed incrementally.

I remember in the early eighties,when I first saw/heard a Compact Disc.


This is incredible, you can scan through an entire album at warp speed and elude the tracks ( songs ) at will .

No more filler in an album . ( This is where Lennon/McCartney-Dylan ,broke the mold )

An aside.

I feel I have to address this. The above mentioned singer/songwriters aka composers , where and remain an anomaly.

No one is divine,but this is as close as it has ever become in popular music.

I personally feel I dislike possible twenty five per cent of the Beatles canon.

When you consider they released approx. two hundred and thirty compositions ,that leaves a staggering amount of music that in my opinion was groundbreaking at best and otherworldly melodic,witty and catchy at worst.

Nobody bats .750 in the real world,except that band.

End of “ aside one “

The elocution ( metaphorically ) and evolution began at this time .

The sound quality didn’t seem to matter as much as the convenience.

It was revolutionary at the time.

Here we are some thirty years later .

The CD seems quaint .

Music now has become disposable.

What was de rigueur last month,or last week ,may seem passé to many today.

I couldn’t begin to delve into the realities of how the mindset has changed (and why ) given time and space constraints and the fact that I’m commenting on Paul’s article .

Aside two.

I will someday ,hopefully have the ambition to actually write an article of substance on that matter. It will take time,research and Valium’s .

End of aside two ( this is a single album. Your spared )

The point being.

Society has a worldview at present , ( We have become that small ) where music is a backdrop ,not a mainstay or cultural phenomena that expresses the hopes and desires of a generation,through well written melodies,and unbelievable hooks ( chorus ) that didn’t need to be reinforced and dummied down to get the point across .

The antithesis of a Max Martin production .

The days of listening to a vinyl record ( I know,it’s having a renaissance, but not to the degree that is going to change the listening habits of the everyday consumer of music ) are gone, but hopefully not forgotten.

The time when you knew the next track on any given album,that was sequenced in such a way by the artists and producers ,where it led you from one place to another by design , are relegated to history,but hopefully not forgotten.

To be honest.

I don’t understand the concept suggested,in respect to the idea of listening to a given song and relating it to a movement or time of day.

Is nothing random ?

A tune for breakfast, another for sipping your Java,having a cigarette,taking a crap and driving down 101 in frustration.

That people are now hard wired to a given sound to the degree that they believe in routine being related to sound bites.

I’m not saying it isn’t so. More to the idea of how long does this temporary fix last on any given piece of music ?

Is there an allegiance to anything related to music ?

Would you invite your friends over to your home for a Sunday afternoon brunch with the idea that all you would be doing is listening to the latest album by Dylan or the Beatles ?

You would be having a discourse over food.

You actually listened to and by some miracle ( great songwriting and melodies ) you absorbed the words to material that had some complex things going on lyrically .

Listen to Dylan’s “ Bringing It All Back Home “ album . ( I’m begging you )

Take a song like “Subterranean Homesick Blues “ and try phrasing the words to the song like he does .

Beatles “ Drive My Car “

The/To wit.

The genius .

The tongue in cheek.

The humour.

See how long it takes you to memorize the words to the two tunes I suggested .

Not as a challenge or rote memory exercise, but because you FELT IT !

Maybe, just maybe ,you’ll have an understanding of what the previous two generations were thinking about,musically .

It meant more than just “ Muzak” at one time.

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