What Does Rape Culture Do To Female Desire?
Emma Lindsay

Without knowing your backstory,it is difficult to comprehend,much of what you have written.

Your age,education,relationship with family,vocation and past relationships with men,etc.

One thing I can say,with some certainty is your ideal of a man,given your reference points,leaves much to be desired .

I highlighted “ Because I feel she deserves it “ in respect to an unconscious woman.

That’s not a man speaking,that’s some insecure,scared little boy.

I’ve heard it before . The idea of a woman feeling,she can only be pleased by another woman.

This gets back to the idea,that apparently most little boys,have no idea how to please a woman,nor have the desire to do so.

However,there are men,that care as much about satisfying their lovers,as themselves .

After they climax,they roll over and play dead . That’s what your suggesting .

But let us look at it from a different perspective . Let’s assume the man actually has some discretion,when it comes to women ,he would like to bed . It’s not always arbitrary …

I can say without reservation,well read,studied and intelligent women are hands down the best lovers .

They don’t kowtow to men,among other things. They also have an innate curiosity in respect to experimenting sexually .

This is where the idea of meaningful sex comes in.

If I read you correctly, the implication to the men you referenced ,had no desire to please a woman .

I’ve never condescended . NEVER !

A woman that enjoys being a woman,is nobody’s fool. She knows how to wear herself well. How to go from CEO to $20,000.00 a night courtesan . Without being paid a dime .

It’s not about control,in the sense that you perceive . I’m going to repeat what I already wrote.

It’s about a mutual respect and understanding . It is not some static movement by some imbecile ,that knows nothing about sexuality or seduction .

I much prefer waking up with someone on a Sunday morning and making love/whoopie ,with someone that I wanted to be there for more than the sex.

Coffee and croissants and the N.Y.Times …

If you believe the clowns you have written about,have any redeeming value as lovers or human beings ,you may want to reassess your values,wants and self esteem.

Ps. The Dolce Gabbana is disgusting . A beautiful sexually provocative woman,surrounded by boys that look like lower primates … Who would buy that premise ? She would just kick the little queen in the balls,and throw the others off the roof. ( in reality )

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