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Speaking at Mobiconf in Poland

There I was — on the stage, in Russia — about to begin my talk. The bright lights created a spotlight as close to 700 people in the audience gazed upwards in my direction.

Back-stage I’d had make up applied — supposedly for the cameras — but I’m sure it was to cover up the fact that I looked slightly like a zombie…

Less than a day earlier — back in Amsterdam — I wasn’t sure if I’d even make it to Russia for the talk I was supposed to be giving.

There’d been a delay in getting my travel…

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At, we’ve put a lot of work into improving how guests and properties communicate through our products. Guests have been able to directly contact a few select properties through our platform for some time. But with over a million property partners on our platform, a select few was not enough for us.

So over the past year, we’ve been working on a pilot version of a new chatbot — something we call the Booking Assistant — to allow our customers to get fast and relevant answers to any questions they have about their bookings.

Guests can still directly message…

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Topas Ecolodge, Sa Pa, Vietnam

At, we’re pretty well known for our A/B testing and guest-facing platforms, helping millions of people each day to find and book their dream stays, wherever they go in the world.

Behind the scenes, however, we’re also designing for a completely different type of user. A user that’s entrepreneurial and diverse. A user without whom couldn’t exist.

This article will explore how we design for our property partners. …

James Butler

Senior Designer @ / Public speaker / Storyteller / Tweet me: @jamesbtlr

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