What is dasrauschen about?

Please note: All German articles on my blog dasrauschen will be published in English here on Medium. This first article is just a translation from a message on my blog to check out all the functions of Medium. But I have to say I´m pretty impressed by Medium. Often my articles will feature German topics concerning digitization etc. I will add info about the development in other countries when possible.

Sorry folks….

The first article is still pending. I´ve received serval mails etc. with the question, what is “das rauschen “ about? Due to the fact that I couldn´t deliver any article, I´ve written this short text to answer this question.

Btw I´m working on several articles, they will be published in a timely manner.

So why should I check out dasrauschen?

I belong to the sort of people which have been grown up using all kinds of technology. The shift to digitization is something we are used to. It is common to call folks like me Generation Y (nearly too old to be in that bracket). Technology and digitization are an essential part of the lives of this generation.

Today, digitization is an integral part of everyone´s life. But not everyone is discussing this change and its ramifications. What influence does digitization has on my life today or in the future? How is the opportunities vs. problems ratio? Yeah I know, these are bold questions. Of course, all articles will be more differentiated and subject related, but these questions and many more should be openly discussed concerning the ongoing process of digitization.

One thing in advance, a digital agenda is missing, especially in Germany. Visions of the future from which specific actions and benefits can be derived have to be authored. This is directed at us all. The government, the economy and the society. Less buzzwords and more joint and well-conceived actions in order to increase the overall awareness.

So where do we go from here? No final answers but expedient recommendations ;-)


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Originally published at dasrauschen.de on March 3, 2016.