The Simple Way To Get A Truckload of Referrals

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A lot of things have to come to together to create a successful Real Estate business.

But if someone had a gun to your head and asked you what the number one thing you had to do to get more leads and expand your customer base. What would you say?

Some might say get to know your neighborhoods better. Some might say continue expanding your network. While all these answers are well and good, referrals is one thing many Real Estate agents often forget about. Usually because often that kind of lead takes time to obtain. You have to know a lot of people, been around the block for awhile.

But there’s another way to go about getting referrals.

Get In touch With The Top Performers

Who are the contractors, appraisers, the lenders etc.?

Knowing who these folks are and how to get in touch with them will go a long way to increasing your value in your customer’s eyes if they need these additional services.

Knowing the best contractors, appraisers, lenders and insurance providers in the business will make you the focal point for anything Real Estate and other top agents will be happy to refer someone to you who they know will provide quality care.

But even if you like that idea, how do you even start?

Step By Step Process To Get More Referrals

Step 1: Google The Top Performers In Your Area

  • Before you can create your network of the top contractors, appraisers etc. You’ll need to know who they are.
  • Google “Top Appraisers in Seattle area” or wherever profession and place you’re located.
  • If one of your customer’s mentions the need for an “appraisal” offer the top performer’s number and tell them to say you sent them.

Step 2: Form Partnerships

  • After your customer used their services, call him/her and ask the top performer out for coffee.
  • At the coffee meet, thank them for meeting with you and ask them how the appraisal/ contract etc. went.
  • Tell them in the future you’d be happy to pass along customers to them. And offer your business card if they ever need an agent.

Take Action

There are many ways to obtain leads in the Real Estate Marketplace. But many agents forget about the other businesses in the home marketplace. Don’t let that be you and keep adrift of the top performers in your area and make sure they know who to contact if they should need help with Real Estate.