Why You Should Care About Geo-Targeting

In the world of Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Keyword Research and Analysis tend to dominate the conversation.

They want customers from all over the world, but sometimes though that means businesses forget about the people next door. That’s where GEO targeting can be a game changer.

What is Geo-Targeting?

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Let’s say you own a pizza shop in Brooklyn, NY and it’s across from the Brooklyn bridge.

You might mention how close you are to the bridge in a PPC ad. That’s Geo Targeting.

Why Should I Care?

  1. Venue

Stadiums, airports, universities and malls are just a few examples of places you can target. Stadiums provide opportunities to capitalize on concerts and sporting events.

A Justin Beiber concert, for example, would attract young female fans. If aiming for that audience, boom, you have a small window into a large market.

2. Location Specific Keywords

“SF gyms”, “Coffee shops near Ellensburg” and “downtown restaurants” are all examples of Location Specific Keywords that could help catch the eyes of your customer base.

Zip codes, local jargon, and landmarks etc. Anything specific to your region will help reign in the locals. 3

3. Location Specific Events

Geographic events could be lead into additional customers. Let’s there is a heat wave, a summer store may target customers with ads on suntan lotion and bathing suits.

People respond better to marketing that feels specific to them and Geo Targeting is a great way to capitalize on that fact.

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