Memories of my Analog Childhood
Caroline Grace Stefko

Hey Caroline, great story. I grew up in that analog world too. I even used to develop my own photos, man those were the days. Yes we have lost something and we have gained something too … the ability to be ‘instant’ – but I don’t think that means we feel more connected. I’ve personally never felt more alone, and that’s because I like to connect with people in person, and so I am not always on social media … and once you step back a little, suddenly people go quiet on you, and a little becomes a lot.

I think we need more downtime and maybe it will gain traction, but it needs to happen naturally, and as you pointed out, there are so many damn addicts out there that it’s possible people have forgotten how to connect spontaneously, without the desperate need to make a post. To just be. And I think your story has captured this beautifully.

I write this comment with the imagined intent of a conversation over coffee in a cafe somewhere in 1990. A turntable is spinning the Ramones and someone is sketching in a notebook, and people have their bags stacked with paperbacks. Oh … and the light is warm.

Keep unplugging!

- Jake