Hobby Hunting

24 in 24

I’m entering a crossroads here. Weekends spent boozing & galavanting around our glorious city is heaven. In fact, if heaven isn’t perpetually summer in Chicago, then count me out. Anyway, in turning 24, I’ve begun to realize these endlessly carefree weekends are numbered. And I can’t say I’m totally upset about that. I’m actually kind of excited.

I want a hobby, and not just like oh, “running is my hobby,” “I’m a foodie,” “I write every now and then.” That’s all stuff I’ve done up to this point. This point being 24, the beginning of our mid-twenties. I’m talking about a steadfast fixation.

I’m excited to craft who I want to be. I want a legitimate hobby. A real passion project — that takes time, effort, money and sets me apart. Something I love & want to get good at. Something that is distinctly mine. Our creative director is a certified sommelier. She writes on the side for wine magazines, and travels to international wineries, because it’s her thing. My friend’s dad’s hobby is sailing. SAILING. How am I supposed to do something as awesome as that THAT?

That’s where the weekends come in — to work on said hobby/passion. I don’t want to give up all of my carefree weekends, but I’ve started to see some of them as lost time, so strategy will be key here in balancing my structured & unstructured free time. But before I get to any of that, I actually need to brainstorm what I want to do. Let’s start with some basic passion project hobby hunting.

Choosing my Hobby

For me, choosing a solid hobby will come down to analyzing three things:

Your Younger Self: What did you love to do when you were younger? I loved anything creative— painting, drawing, comics, pottery, printmaking, you name it. Still do, and I know I want to make more time for it. I do paint smaller canvases from time to time. Maybe I should get back into painting? Not totally sure if that lights my fire though. Batiking could be awesome on pillow cases if I could sell them…!?

What Captures Your Attention: I’m pretty ADD so the range here is prettttty broad. Too broad. There are so many things that capture me that I want to learn! From improv comedy, to pastry skills, to human psychology. I can learn any of those things, but what is my passion? Maybe its learning everything I want to learn while I’m in this life. Is that a thing? A collector of experiences and skills? I digress.

In going along with art though, strikingly beautiful scenery & architecture has always captured me and taken my breath away. I enjoy the frame of my vision creating a composition. So photography has always naturally been something I’ve wanted to pursue.

Things You Currently Like: Well, eff. I’ve already listed things I currently like above. I’ll take that as I’m on the right track..?! I also like cooking, baking, Pilates, travel, volunteering, event planning…

So where does that leave me? Square one? Oh perfect.

I think I’ll stick with boozing and galavanting while I try my options out.