Things you should consider doing when you get into a car before turning on the engine.

To some people what comes to mind first is to put on the radio but you should actually be thinking of safety first. Strapping the seat belt should be the first thing. It’s a life saver. Since the introduction of airbags, a few people have played down on the usage of seat belts. To them, it’s stressful to buckle up a belt that makes them feel uncomfortable when they can feel free and hope on the airbag for safety if need be.

Yes, airbags can save your life but it is necessary to use the seat belt when driving. The combination of the seat belt and airbag is a double protection for you. You cannot predict how an accident will happen, the point you will get hit or how grave the effect of the accident will be. It’s definitely unpredictable.

Using both measures of safety will reduce causalities and reduce the death rate linked to vehicle accidents. Insuring your car will also save you a lot of hassles when the unexpected happens. You can get your car insured for a little amount subscribing to a free good to go insurance quote.

Using the seat-belt is the first chance to safety and in some cases, the belt and the airbags will be needed to keep the driver and passenger safe. Another safety measure is to make sure you are sitting at least 12 inches away from the steering wheel. Some drivers are used to sitting too close to the steering wheel and this causes them to smash into the steering wheel when accidents occur. Tilting the seat backward a bit is also advisable. It will give enough room for the airbag when it is deployed for safety. For drivers who are short, the seat bottom can be puffed up while the upper part which rests the back is tilted backward a little.

When using the seat belt, you must ensure that it is properly used. Make sure it’s well fixed to your comfort. The belt should rest over the upper part of your body. The quicker it is for the belt to hold you back the safer you will be if there is a collision. Some drivers use the seat belts wrongly, they just throw the belts over which is very risky. If the seat belt doesn’t retract as it should, it will be disastrous when an accident occurs; especially in old cars where there are no airbag facilities. This is the reason why we see cases of drivers slamming into the windscreen. While you look out for these lapses and take on cautions you should also get a good to go insurance to take care of car-related mishaps.

Safety Precautions for Children

There are safety rules for children that should strictly be adhered to. Children under the age of 12 are not expected to sit in the front seats. They should sit behind. The impact of a deployed airbag is deadly to young children; it can kill them.

If a car has airbag(s), babies should not be put or carried in front seats. Side airbags serve as additional safety for adults but the effect on children is not the same. So for cars that have side airbags, you should read the manual to know the sitting position recommended for children.

Aside from using the seat belts properly, maintaining the right position(s) in front of the steering, it is also important that you drive with caution and obey all traffic rules. Traffic laws are made for smooth commuting and your safety. When you put all safety precautions to use you stand a high chance of escaping accidents. In many cities, laws have been put in place to enforce drivers to use seat-belts in order to reduce injuries and death rates recorded from accidents. Failure to use the seat belts in some places can warrant high consequences such as suspensions or booking tickets to such drivers immediately. Such enforced laws will increase safety.

Check the Condition of the Airbag

Buying a used car requires that you have to do a lot of scrutiny before paying for the car. Some old cars may have been involved in a ghastly motor accident in which the airbags have been deployed. This kind of cars will later be auctioned to a car dealer and then refurbished for sales again. In most cases, airbags will not be replaced or probably an airbag of low quality will be installed as a replacement. Before you purchase a used car, make sure you get a car-fax report (you can check the internet to get more information) on such a car. Do a check also to ensure that the airbag is in good condition. That may just be a life-saving step for you.

A goodtogo insurance is very important too. After you have taken safety precautions by using the seat belt properly, adhering strictly to traffic laws and ensuring that your airbag is functional, you must ensure that you are covered by a good to go insurance company. Against all odds, its policies will cater for you, your car and other issues like accidents, theft, etc. it will also save you a good amount of money and get your I.D cards online in just a few minutes. Take that step today and get an amazing quote with other benefits for you and your car.

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