This is fab. I also love how all the haters in the comments are dudes.
Jessica Coates

I’m a woman. I’m a courageous and accomplished woman. I’ve long dreamt of our Country having a woman as President. I truly WANT to feel enthusiastic about Hillary… I get that she’s been extremely ambitious from an early age. I get that she learned how to play the big money game… I get that she has had to put up with comments, articles, etc. putting her down. All admirable… But, as mother of three wonderful, successful sons, one of whom is gay, I was mortified when Hillary chose to be against gay rights when it wasn’t popular to be pro… I tried to rationalize her choice by excusing it as a politically popular choice (that Obama made as well)… BUT when Hillary bald faced LIED when Anderson Cooper confronted her about it during the first Democratic Debate with Bernie…. I watched in horror as Hillary VEHEMENTLY DENIED her past statements! I couldn’t believe that she didn’t simply admit that she had been wrong in the past. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t take a rare opportunity to help others by SHARING what had changed her mind!! (Was it just because it suddenly became politically expediment for her????)… A simple, honest apology would have done WONDERS!!! We could have TRUSTED her!! Owning your own past mistakes takes COURAGE! She showed extreme COWARDICE instead!! Haven’t we all learned that by witnessing Nixon’s Cover Up being WORSE than his lies? Or Bill Clinton’s Cover-Up of “I did not have sex with that woman!!” being creepier and far more disgusting than simply choosing to accept responsibility for his actions. Acknowledge them. Apologize. And move forward with dignity. Hillary does the same. She REFUSES to accept that some of her actions have been cowardly, self serving and despicable. IMAGINE the GOOD she could have done (in the LGBT example) by admitting how wrongheaded her past thinking was and by sharing what brought about her change of heart!!! She would have done WONDERS for all who still carried old twisted attitudes and prejudices. She could have encouraged a new dialogue and shone light on the deformed nature of PREJUDICE ITSELF!! Instead she lies, vehemently DENIES lying and shows no remorse whatsoever! Precisely this ONE example tells VOLUMES about Hillary… Unfortunately, UNTRUSTWORTHY volumes. Of course politicians lie… but she does it with such a “How could you DARE accuse me of such an horrific thing??!! “ and, in showing no remorse, she shows that her own egotistical self-interests are FAR more important to her than the opportunity to truly contribute to opening closed minds. From my perspective there is also a PRIMAL REASON that Hillary is hated by so many. It’s NOT sexism. It’s NOT negative articles or put downs by the Trump machine… It is HER. Her VOICE, her FACE! They don’t lie. Her very ESSENCE says “I am self serving.” No amount of the money she spends on “likability” coaches can change this. The visual and auditory message she sends that EVERYONE can instinctively INTUIT is that she doesn’t truly care about ANYTHING or ANYONE but her own success…and that she will say or do anything to achieve that…with no remorse. I SO wish I could be convinced otherwise. I was an opera singer, an actress, a director… I KNOW the power of the body/face/voice in communicating. Hillary’s essence that is revealed through her SOUND and her facial expressions is that she is arrogant and untrustworthy. No hint of true compassion or sincerity. God, I wish it weren’t true.