Helan’s desire to know all things

In the beginning Helan decided to know all things. He went to the wind that blows forever from the four corners, for then the wind was the wisest of all things. While the wind was raging Helan spoke, "O wind that rages on forever without rest without tiring, how can I know all things."

The wind replied in a whisper, "It is in futility you seek to know all things, for even the wise know not all things." Helan wondered and said, "If there is wisdom in the four corners I will search and I will find."

Then Helan went and spoke to the night for it was known that the night knew all secrets. "O night knower of all that is hidden even deep secrets, how can I know all things." But the night was in darkness on this matter and replied, "Dark secrets I know, hidden things I understand but the secret of all things is hidden from me." Then Helan replied, "This secret is only hidden from you, I myself will search and will find it."

Then Helan spoke to the thunder the mightiest of all things, "O thunder mightiest of all things, striking terror in the four corners, I desire to know all things." But the thunder pondered in silence and replied, "My might has not informed me neither has my great strength instructed me on the knowledge of all things." Then Helan replied, "Your strength fails you in this matter but mine shall not fail till I know all things."

Helan ascended to Ziltan the highest mountain in the four corners and sighed a great sigh. Helan looked and saw all things before him and he called them one at a time by name. Those he called without power or wisdom disappeared into Wens, the next world. Those with wisdom or power resisted and still resist Helan. The wind forms into mighty hurricanes and gales to resist Helan. Thunder shouts and rages trying to scare Helan. The night lives in darkness and shadow hiding from Helan’s call. This is the curse Helan brought forth with his desire to know all things.