Przemówienie Donalda Trumpa - Warszawa, 06 lipca 2017

Welcome, good people. Thank you for coming. We are here together and the rain just stopped. Sun is sunning. Birds and green grass. Look, cars!

A great city you have here. Like it very much. It is a brave city. You fight Nazis and have tremendous dumplings! Really tasty! You should be proud.

It’s an honor to be with you people and your Mr President Andriej Duda here. He is a great guy. I like him. We discuss stuff today. We talk about things. Intimate things. Now I will shake hands with him.

- Thank you Mr President for inviting me. I had a nice time with your brother Jaroslaw and your beautiful wife. We had lovely discussions tonight. Great kielbasa.

And that is why I am here.

We respect you very much. You are best friend of The United States. Honest friend. Big hearts. Strong army. Your army have our weapons. It is very powerful - I can tell you. Now you can help America to fight for freedom and stop terrorists from doing bad things.

That is very fantastic!

Once again thank you for your time

Good bless you forever Holland!

It was an unofficial transcript of President’s Donald Trump public speech in Warsaw. Poland. Europe. 6th July 2017.

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