Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

ARIA - making websites accessible for everyone

The importance of making web for everyone…

When it comes to develop websites, we’re actually thinking about a lot of things - colors, gradients, technology stack and everything else. But… we’re not thinking about one small group of people - people needing better accessibility of site. And while this is slowly changing, we should definitely take a further look of how to make an internet more friendly for every of us. This is why ARIA was introduced. Accessible Rich Internet Applications, which is exact meaning of this shortcut tells us clearly - applications for people with accessibility should be as powerful and as rich as original apps - we should try to not cut any features of an original one. What pros it’s giving to people with accessibility?

1. Better reader experience

ARIA has a big impact on how readers behaves on a website. If we set it properly, a reader will tell user exacly what page should look like - and what it’s about. It can for example say to user that this page is about Cats. If we won’t set it properly, the user can’t recognize it and that’s why we should care about it.

2. Better PWA results

Thanks to ARIA, we can get a better PWA results for our site - this can help both our users and also ourselves.

3. Making web better for everyone

While ARIA might look like some “additional” work to do, we shouldn’t think like that about it. We should “think different”. Web isn’t only for us. Web is made for everyone. And we should make it for everyone.

That’s it for now.