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Habites and task management- how to work effectively?

Why should you use a todo-list app?

We live in 2019. We’re distracted by more things than we might think these days. Social medias reminds us about the latest post from our friend, video platforms sends us a new video to watch and social platforms says we should answer this comment. This causes that if we try to work, we’re constantly stopping it. Example? You get an email from your friend. You say something like:

“Ok, that’s the smaller one, it’ll take about 3 minutes, nothing more.”

And if you have one moment like that in your whole day flow, it’s totally ok. But… imagine what can happen when you have hundreds of them. What happens is that you’ll spend 100 * 3 minutes per day on that. It gives us 5 hours of constant answering for emails! That’s likely not something you really like to do. And unfortunately this can also happen on social medias and basically any other places. I want to pause here for a moment and tell you something important:

I don’t want to tell you that spending time on social medias or video platforms or even answering for emails is something bad. It’s not about that at all. It’s just about how your time-management will look like when it comes to work on basically any kind of project or task and not plan your time & tasks effectively.

So, here’s a big question: How to avoid that and work effectively?

1. Use todo list & plan your work

While you can say todo lists are old, bad and forces us to plan basically every thing out, you’ll quickly realize that this is really helpful. This is because planning have that one big pros - it tells us what we need to do… and how much time we should spend on doing that. And this can help us to split our work and be more productive. It’s not a secret that the longer your work is, the less effective you become while doing it (especially when it comes to repeatable tasks). Also, todo lists helps us to make habits that makes our day productive & effective.

2. Train habites

Habit is a repeatable piece of thing to do. It can be for example:

“everyday i’ll go to the shop for a new fruits.”

While this is can be relatively easy and can look like something that won’t affect us, habites have a big impact on our life. This is because it’s like chain reaction. If you for example go for fruits everyday, you’ll probably eat less sugar, become healthier and overally feel better. This causes that you’ll start running and try to participate in a marathone. This example can even go further but I think now you have at least basic understanding of what i wanted to give you on this section.

3. Take breaks

Effective time-management is important, but we should also take some breaks. This is because the effect it’s causing (mentioned before):

The longer your work is, the less effective you become while doing it.

This is just all about it. If you even work constantly & effectively but not take any break, you’ll be productive for a while, but later you’ll quickly become tired and your work will become unefective. To avoid that, simply take some breaks. Good technique for that is a Pomodoro Technique.

While we can’t really become social-medias-and-any-other-people-and-any-other-platform-independentunless we’ll just delete them, but that’s not good practice - everything is for humans and it’s just up to you to use it properly, i think the advices above will help you to get more things done, have more free time and also become more happy of your whole life. Thanks for reading and if you find anything difficult or want to get some help, let me know in the comment section below. Wish you happy and productive day!

“You’ve gotta keep control of your time, and you can’t unless you say no. You can’t let people set your agenda in life” - Warren Buffet

That’s it for now.