New Year’s Resolutions (Don’t work)

I am going to be very brief today. It’s a new year all over again. Time to start over. To change all the bad habits and become the best version of yourself. Resolutions fly over the air and you can almost feel the enthusiasm and positive thinking everywhere around you. I’m sure you thought that this year will be different, too.

I hate to (no, I really don’t) break it to you. It is not going to be any different. Changes in life don’t come just because a number in a date has changed over night. I know it sounds harsh, but it is an inconvenient truth that needs to be said. That is, unless you really decide to work hard on yourself. Success is not a cheap lady that lands on you for twenty bucks. If it did, everybody had a yacht by now. And I don’t even have a toy ship for the bath time, so…

Any New Year’s resolutions you guys?

Now, when we got rid of unnecessary optimism, let’s move onto the good stuff. There is a chance to actually make a difference in your life. That chance costs a lot. Sleepless nights, forgotten birthdays, missed dinner dates with your SO’s… But it’s a matter of priorities after all. There is only so much time in a day. Precisely 24 hours. Or 1440 minutes. Or 86400 seconds. Give or take few seconds. It’s mostly up to you, whether you spend it on the latest season of your favourite TV show on Netflix or you keep working on the brighter future for you and your loved ones. I decided that second option is better.

And what better way to start my journey for brighter future than with cheesy New Year’s resolution for that. So here it goes:

Starting this day, I will work on my goal
and document everything along the way.

Now, you’re probably asking:

“What is the goal then?”.

And the answer is really simple:

I would very much like to be able to leave my current job by the end of this year. More so, I would like to have stable monthly passive income at least twice as big as my current monthly salary.

And of course this would allow me to live my life as I please. To spend time with my daughter and wife. And freedom to work on stuff, that interests me whether I get paid for it or not. Brighter future.

All of that freedom originating in my entrepreneurial efforts done in the following months. Sounds easy. Piece of cake, right?

If you are interested, whether I make it with glory, or I fail miserably, you know what to do. Just the heads up: either way, you’re going to hear (well, read, dah) more from me every day from now on. Enjoy! :)

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