Sailing with the Istio through the shallow water

Istio proxies intercept traffic going to your service and out of your service. Proxies are configured by Istio Pilot.
ServiceEntry can be used for adding StatefulSet into the Istio service mesh
Setup that enables support of both — client-side and Istio gRPC load balancing. Services connecting to service X running without Istio connect using client-side gRPC load balancing with backends “service-x-0” and “service-x-1”. Services with Istio connect just to “service-x” backend and Istio ensures that traffic will be load balanced across all the pods.
Snippet shows how we patched the sidecar injection template. If pod is annotated with “”, then we inject preStop hook to the Istio sidecar. The URL in the annotation’s value is checked until it stops to respond. Thereafter, istio proxy is stopped.

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