Let’s make Facebook Messages great again!

Facebook messaging changed quite a lot over the time. While few years ago I used it just to schedule my party “meetings”, now I've been using it for work & business issues and to maintain or build new relationships. Facebook messages have became my new contact list, my new SMS, my new most important messaging platform.

You've probably already tried to find something in the past conversations and — to be honest — it's quite a pain in the ass.

We do not communicate the way we do in emails. The communication is not structured, there are a lot of misspelled words and we switch from subject to subject around 1 billion times within one damn conversation. So that's why it is nearly impossible to find the right keywords that would help us find the old conversations we are looking for.

Also that 2 search buttons on one screen could be quite confusing.

When searching for a particular conversation or a piece of information, I usually know just the timeframe — when it was discussed (for example the first time you invited your girlfriend to the theatre or around the time in November when were discussing something about that conference).

It would be great, if there was a calendar of all your conversations based on which you could easily go through them by the date they were created.

5 minute quick sketch for iOS

If there was a conversation to be seen, the date would be in a blue circle. After clic or tap you would see the conversation with the exact person on the exact date. And that's it.

3 minute quick fix for web

Dear Facebook, I know that you have plenty of other important things in mind but maybe, just maybe, now before Christmas, you would want to make a young boy from Central Europe a little happier.

Let’s make Facebook Messages great again!