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There was a point when I had a breakdown over my UI design skills. I was working on multiple projects back then, mostly early-stage startups. I knew that my designs were technically fine and at a level that could be successfully used elsewhere. In this article, I will pinpoint a few ideas for how you can leverage your UI design skills that I wish I had known back then.

Words that make a difference

Due to the high pace I had to deal with, as well as the start-up clients that sometimes seemed not to be very passionate about their new businesses, I mainly opted…

Being able to explain the decisions you make while designing digital products will not only make you confident about your solutions, but it will also improve your communication skills.

The ability to explain the decisions you make while designing digital products is equally important as the design work itself. However, this skill is unfortunately commonly underappreciated. This article will highlight and explain the designers’ role and help them become better communicators by outlining a few good practices.

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Articulation is a crucial skill of every designer. Photo source: Unsplash.

Field that becomes more significant

For decades the work that designers did was mostly portrayed as making things that just looked visually appealing. When it comes to digital products, the burden fell mainly on developers. Apart from the technical aspect, they were in charge of the user flows and information architecture of each product, while designers were…

Designers work with different types of data on a daily basis. It’s one of the most crucial aspects of the work. This article will explain the most common mistakes we make and provide tips about improving our perceptions.

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It is sometimes problematic to choose the proper chart type. Source: FlowingData

What is data visualization and why should I care?

Data visualization is perceived as a modern aspect of visual communication. It involves representations of data, visually, so that it can be more easily understood by the viewer. The main goal is to simplify it in a way that makes the data more accessible, understandable and usable. As designers, we have a vast impact on what the end user will perceive while reading our data. It is crucial that we leave no doubts for the user while presenting complex chunks of data.

The main goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means. …

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Speed up your design workflow in Sketch and use an 8px grid. Photo source: Unsplash.

As designers, we like to simplify solutions. We want to focus on solving real problems rather than spending time performing repetitive and tedious tasks. I will share a few tips that will help speed up your workflow in Sketch.

Why an 8px grid?

This could be the first question that comes to mind…because it’s part of the title. Why use an 8-pixel grid? Well, this topic has been brought up quite a few times by designers everywhere. Simply put, the number 8 can be effortlessly divided by 1,2,4 and itself, which makes it much more flexible to work with. For instance, while scaling your designs down for mobile devices, it can help to work with a number that makes this scaling process easier. Moreover, this kind of spacing is straightforward in order to maintain consistency.

Nudging in Sketch

Moving an object, in Sketch, by using the…

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