Sometimes, You Just Have To Do It Yourself

I need an outlet and this is the best because it can be easily archived:

I am growingly frustrated with how l lot of things are going. Unfortunately, I feel limited in trying to fix things around me.

I feel everything is Ghana is so sluggish and uninspiring. There’s some inspirational stories here and there but overall, it’s a lot of let downs. I’m always waiting for things to get better but to be honest, they don’t seem to be getting better.

They always say: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” So I took an initial step. Web design in Ghana can tend to be awful sometimes. Some websites in Ghana I visit on a daily basis are most at times uninspiring and badly done. Of course I complain and nothing really gets done about it. So I just asked myself, “Why not do something about it?”

So I reignited my web design skills, started freelancing, got started on Origami Dynamics, got some for a couple of clients and gained some momentum. Origami Dynamics is not a juggernaut but it’s a start. Just trying to design cool and clean websites for small business and people. But I have a bigger vision, something way past web design. I want it to be a fusion of Information Technology & Art/Media. I feel like these two areas need more attention especially in Ghana.

In fact, a friend and I have a company called Userhub Africa Ltd, where we’ll focus on User Interface and User Experience. I’m excited about that and hopefully, it can be a great success.

But apart from that, I’m really want to keep doing side projects. I’m trying to blog, write tech reviews, work on my writing doing short stories and memoirs…etc. (btw, My new memoir, “Complex Mind Of A Good Kid In A Cruel World” is on Amazon. Shameless plug but I’m trying to pitch my personal work here)

Seriously though, there’s a lot of stuff and information that consumers need and should have but it’s just not there, physically or online. It’s really lacking and I feel like I want to fill that void.

It’s not easy. I do a lot by myself. There’s not enough time in the day. I need a team or partners to help with these projects. Hopefully, I can recruit some friends and explain my vision. If you’re interested, hit me up and let’s have lunch and talk. I think we can build something really great.

Seriously, the mediocrity is really bad. Companies are really bad at customer service. Once they get your money and the quality goes down. Something needs to change.

Anyway. Thanks for reading. I’m always online. I’m looking for people to make a difference and change the status quo which has infected this place.


Origami Dynamics Vision Board

I want to do moe stuff, but this is just a start of what I want to do
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