a !== a

too good to be true?

The actual heading should be: A short story about the weird parts of NaN

NaN in JavaScript stands for “Not a Number”. The type of NaN is surprisingly Number. Which is weird because it is used to define something which isn’t a number.

typeOf(NaN); // "number"

It is used for instance for a result of a bad calculation.

var a = 3 * "jalal"; // NaN

The most confusing part aboutNaN is that NaN compared to anything else is always false!

NaN == false; // false

NaN == true; // false

An even compared to itself equals always false.

NaN == NaN; // false

NaN === NaN; // false

This raises one question:

How to check if a variable is NaN?

There is a function in JavaScript called isNaN(), but it has, unfortunately, some issues on its own.

Let’s go through some examples:

isNaN(NaN); // true

That worked!

isNaN(1); // false because 1 is a number

This is also not surprising!

isNaN('1'); // false

This worked too because isNaN coerces the passed in parameter and then checks if it is not a number.

isNaN('a'); // true because 'a' is not a number

Again, an implicit coercion is happening here. isNaN tries to convert the parameter into a number. The result of this effort having ‘a’ as a parameter is NaN:

Number('a'); // NaN

parseInt('a'); // NaN

Number('1'); // 1

This is why isNaN('a') returns true. It’s similar to isNaN(Number('a')) .

So basically the isNaN function is useless unless you are 100% certain that the passed in parameter is supposed to be a number.

Again, how to check if a variable is NaN?

We mentioned before that NaN is the only JavaScript variable that returns false if it is compared to itself. We can make use of that!

var a = 3 * 'jalal'; // a = NaN

if (a !== a) console.log('A is NaN'); // a !== a equals to true

This is the only way (I am aware of) to certainly check if a variable is NaN.

You can imagine that those weird parts are important to know because they are fruitful soil for bugs of any kind.

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