America’s official Premier League Broadcaster Strikes Gold

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The January transfer window kicked off with a bang as German powerhouse Borussia Dortmund announced that their American wunderkind would be headed to English Premier League giants Chelsea FC in the summer for a $73.3 million transfer fee. This dwarfs the previous record paid for an American player, when German club Wolfsburg ponied up $22.9 million to secure the signing of John Brooks in 2017.

This may seem like an exorbitant amount, but everyone involved should come out a winner. Borussia Dortmund gets a huge chunk of change to reinvest back into their club, Chelsea gets an elite rising talent…

My analysis of 2 Milly’s claims against Epic Games

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The “Swipe It” Emote

Today is a day where I get to enjoy a little slice of nerd heaven. I finally get to talk about video games and use that very expensive piece of diploma paper on my wall at the same time. Mom would be proud.

Last week, rapper 2 Milly announced that he had hired David L. Hecht of Pierce Bainbridge to pursue claims against Epic Games, creators of hit video game Fortnite, over their use of his signature dance move the “Milly Rock.” In their statement on BusinessWire, Pierce Bainbridge stated that they would be pursuing claims against Epic for the…

Business is booming for the world’s biggest game and its players

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FaZe Clan’s Tfue and Cloakzy walked away with the Grand Prize

After an intense weekend of qualifiers, Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish Series culminated with the Grand Finals last Sunday at TwitchCon in San Jose.

In this second ever major competitive Fortnite event, superstar players won nearly $2 million in prize money. Thousands of TwitchCon attendees were able to witness the spectacle while millions more were able to stream the event live from Twitch.

So, have the personalities and money grown enough to keep people coming back for more competitive Fortnite?

Here are my three thoughts on the Grand Finals:

Tfue And Cloakzy Are The Team To Beat

FaZe Clan teammates Tfue and Cloakzy walked away with the $400,000 grand prize…

Fortnite takes a leap into the world of eSports with Summer Skirmish

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The cultural sensation has terrorized school Wi-Fi, raked in billions of dollars, and has worked its way into sporting events from the NFL to the FIFA World Cup. Even with such a staggeringly successful first year, the Epic Games-produced pop culture juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down.

Fortnite, a massive battle royale-style game where you and 99 other online players are dropped onto an island and the last person standing wins. Players hunt for weapons and materials then use them to help eliminate their opponents. The goal is simply to be the last player standing. …

Which underdogs are worth watching with the US out?

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Coming at you like a dark horse

Starting on June 14th, 32 nations will watch their national soccer teams compete for international glory. For a brief moment, 32 nations will have an equal chance of raising the World Cup trophy. In reality, only a handful of teams have any real shot of winning this summer’s FIFA World Cup. France, Germany, and Brazil are the favorites while teams like Spain and Argentina have an outside shot. Everyone else is just hoping to do their best and put on a good show.

But who should we expect to put on the best show? As a fan of Team Chaos…

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