Quick Guidelines to Combat Procrastination

I’ll only take one minute of your time

I’m procrastinating too and I really have to go to sleep so I’m going to crush this very fast, OK?

Ready, set, go:

  1. There’s many reasons you’re procrastinating
  2. That’s because there’s quite a number of cues that compel you, out of habit, to incur in certain procrastinating behaviors
  3. Solution? Cut the cues.
  4. Lock your phone in some neighbors’s closet (unless the neighbor in question acts like Jack Torrance from The Shining)
  5. Download a website blocker for your laptop so you can’t access time-sucking websites (I use StayFocusd for Chrome)
  6. Disable your phone’s notifications and only leave those that really matter
  7. Be accountable to someone — try giving a lot of money to a friend you trust and make them give it back to you only if you accomplish your tasks for the day
  8. Be way more mindful about your actions — don’t move around in autopilot
  9. Accept a mindset of self-discipline and responsibility
  10. To-Do Lists help — never underestimate them
  11. Pomodoros are awesome for time management, not for killing procrastination
  12. Starting the day with a productive morning can make all the difference in the world
  13. Momentum’s everything — commencing the day with a peak will in turn make it more likely to end the day with one
  14. Momentum’s everything 2.0 — there’s a gap in productivity and efficiency between someone that’s on a twenty-eight streak of constantly hustling through the morning and someone that’s just starting out, so get moving
  15. Momentum’s everything 3.0 — missing more than a single day from your streak kills momentum, so get up ASAP after you fail
  16. Realize that it takes more effort to start than to do the activities themselves
  17. Foot-on-the-door Principle: Trick yourself to only start working at something for only about five minutes
  18. If you still feel lazy after the timer stops, you can quit without judgement
  19. Nevertheless, there’s quite an enormous chance you’ll ease into the activity and do it regardless
  20. Feelings such as laziness are unbound and loose just as water
  21. They come and go depending on the circumstances that surround you
  22. If you’re on your workstation killing it there’s low chances of those feelings bobbling up to the surface
  23. However, if you’re on your bed watching YouTube videos on your smartphone, guess what? You’ll definitely feel lazy
  24. Chronic procrastination is hard to tame
  25. It is a battle that must be fought day after day, since its a monster made out of the compound of bad habits replicated for years
  26. Don’t feel threatened and never despair
  27. It can be conquered
  28. Now I’ll go to bed