I was recently tasked with a project where users could connect their account on our application to Github using OmniAuth. As I was looking into the implementation, I was surprised that the documentation was little bit mix-and-match. Find a little bit of info here, a little bit more there, and then the whole picture comes together.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice for all of this to live in one place? So here it is — my attempt to combine everything you need to know about getting started with implementing and testing OmniAuth in a Rails app.

Step 1: Add the gem to your Rails app Gemfile. For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll be using gem ‘omniauth-github’. Don’t forget to bundle after! …

Recently, I was tasked to build a JSON API for a project in the Backend Engineering Program at Turing School of Software & Design. While the visual gratification was somewhat anti-climactic (Look! I spent 7 days and a lot of hours to make a bunch of hashes show up on a page! My non-tech friends were not impressed.), I was personally looking forward to this project to understand exactly what an API was, and what it can give you access to.

In my former life, I was a Digital Marketer. I was responsible for the business’ website, mobile app and email marketing channel. In my time with the business, we talked about APIs a lot (and I mean A LOT), but I never really wrapped my brain around what they were. Basically they were magical things that got called from somewhere and gave us access to our customer data, though sometimes made everything break if we sent too many requests per second. …

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It’s interesting to reflect on my time as a student at Turing School of Software and Design, especially knowing that I’m less than halfway through this adventure. Two weeks ago, we were playing Ruby games and cracking codes from our terminals, and by the end of last week, we delivered a web application that not only displayed data, but interacted with a database.

One small step in the day to day of a programmer, but one giant leap for me in my educational journey.

So how did I approach this project? As any past Digital Marketer would, with wireframes, design, and careful thought into a User Experience that could deliver 12 user experiences without forcing the user to type in any URLs, hunt for links, etc. Oh wait, that wasn’t actually the focus of this project. …

Jalena Taylor

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