South Carolina School Security Slams Student

Sorry for the tongue twister it was not intended, but onto the serious topic at matter, and if you have been living under a rock the past week, or if you watch the news you probably do not know anything about this horrific clip where a 14 year old girl where slammed out of her classroom desk and abused my the schools security guard.

Based upon the comments in the video which was posted by a classmate this is not a 14 year old girl, Niya Kenny, it is a 30 year old man who is posing as a school girl to protect himself, he obviously just committed some violent crime and that black skin on his hand was mistaken as a gun, now this violent crime the Columbia security officer commited is justifiable.

Speaking of South Carolina, just in the last year we have experienced so many racially motivated crimes. The Spring Valley Assault, N. Charleston police shooting, Charleston church shooting, not to mention the countless police brutality cases, both unreported and reported, oh and don’t forget about that hiliarious moment when everyone (white ppl) were rioting because Nikki Haley decided to take the confederate flag from South Carolinas state house.


#BlackWomynMatter #SayHerName