Jaeger’s Shoutcaster and Host Portfolio

My name is Jayce “Jaeger” Stewart. I am a shoutcaster and host. My career began in hosting the radio show “The Shock Session” for Monster Radio BT 105.9 Cebu in May of 2015. From there my career moved me towards a career goal in eSports, to be a shoutcaster for FPS games. Play-by-Play and Analyst are both roles I can perform affectively.

First Practice Cast

My first Shoutcast was in the form of a practice cast for Overwatch. We casted for an audience of 20 people, and I was under the careful guidance of a senior caster. This was in June of 2016.

ROG Booth in the Manila Majors

I then hosted the Republic of Gamers booth in the Manila Majors for PeSO, instructing audiences on the events and appearances that would be made within the week. This was from June 7 to June 12, 2016.

Steelseries AGL- Overwatch

I casted my first official Overwatch Tournament for AGLtv for the Steelseries Overwatch Online qualifiers. This was my first taste of casting for a live audience for a real tournament, where I played Analyst to AsuraiPH. This happened on August 21st, 2016.

The APCC ESF Overwatch Tournament

In Asia Pop Comic Con, I casted the eSports Festival Overwatch Tournament as Analyst, until unfortunately security would not let us continue the final game. We did, however, cast 3 games throughout the day met with great reactions from the audience. This happened 26th to the 28th of August, 2016.

3 Guys 1 Shirt Podcast

At this point, I and some colleagues thought of creating our own online podcast where we could discuss videogames.

IESF Philippine Qualifiers — CSGO

The first time I got to cast a game of CS:GO was when I shoutcasted the International eSports Federation Philippine Qualifiers. Here the learning curve was greatly increased but even more enjoyable to learn from. Reactions were generally good, and not a single complaint came my way, and it was at this moment I knew it was the FPS genre that was for me.

The Philippine Qualifiers for the ROG Masters was my second time Shoutcasting CS:GO. This would lead to the World Finals in Malaysia. It took place over 2 days, where we casted 10 games.


This led to my hosting and shoutcasting for the ROG Masters Philippine Qualifiers Grand Finale. While the DOTA 2 portion of the event faltered, the CS:GO Finals triumphed and we were met with nothing but positive reviews for the CS:GO portion of the event.

Finally, all the voice overs for the ROG Masters were done by me.

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