My TMBA Podcast Interview: Life Lessons & Entrepreneurial Experiences

I wanted to share with you a podcast interview about my life and career just posted by a very cool lifestyle entrepreneur site and podcast called Tropical MBA (TMBA). In the episode, I truly enjoyed a fun discussion with fellow entrepreneurs and global wanderers Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen. Dan is a huge fan and purveyor of blogging and podcasting, and he found me in his quest to learn what happened to Technorati. Our conversation goes well beyond that, meandering between life lessons, entrepreneurial experiences and much more. A few of the topics we cover:

  • Traveling around the world
  • Entrepreneurial challenges and successes
  • How dyslexia impacted my life as an entrepreneur. (5:28)
  • How I attribute some of my business success to being broke. (9:04)
  • How I landed my first project on the internet. (16:30)
  • What happened when Technorati lost 85% of its traffic in one day. (22:42)
  • My firm belief that taking time off to travel and explore Asia was one the best things I’ve done in both life and career. (30:31)

Have a listen (on web or download to your smartphone on iTunes — follow links). The podcast turned out really well, and was kind of a therapeutic experience for me — I hope you enjoy it! (and please share it if you like it!)

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