2. Activity: Edhi sb Reading and Blog Post:

Abdul sattar Edhi is famous Pakistani social activist, ascetic and humanitarian. He is indeed most inspired personality for me. I want to follow him because he got success by following the four principles which amal academy is using now.

Edhi Sb follows the first principle of Amal that is “Amal (Just Start)”. He just started to help the needy people without taking care of his background either he has enough resources or not but he just started as in his book I have read that he usually got 2 paisa regularly from his home and he always donate 1 paisa to the poor and needy people around him. I think he also believe on the last principle of amal “Ek aur Ek giyara” that small things make the thing which will become immortal. Edhi sb believe that my little deeds will be somewhat beneficial from that so we have also to do team work which will keep worth for us and for our society.

Edhi sb has also Sabre jamil as he continued his work even in his rainy days and hence he got succeed in his life now he is biggest charity provider in our society. So I think this thing is common in Edhi sb and me because I simply not gave up and even now I also have mind that I will complete my task as soon as possible. As Edhi sb has not gave up and continued his work at last he succeeds. I will also continue my work and soon I will also achieve my goal.

People will learn from Edhi shb and me that they should continue their work and not gave up, if they will continuing struggle they will also be successful in their lifes. t���5

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