I still remember that feeling after a hot Bikram class. Almost a little dizzy, calm, empty, and then I would go outside making clouds with my breath. It was like taking the first breath of my life into my lungs. Such a wonderful feeling. Still warm, maybe sweaty again, maybe I would turn up to work looking all red in the face but it didn’t really matter.

Then it was just a matter of time how long I could keep that sensation throughout the day. The addiction that kicked in. Towards the afternoon, I would look at the schedule to see who was teaching the following morning because I wanted more of that “high”. I had that pattern in London for almost a year. Practicing 5–6 days a week. Some nakedness in the bright fluorescent lights, squeezed people on lines, sweating side by side.

The teacher with a military voice guiding us through the sequences. It actually sounds quite horrible but it’s not. One thing I really…

Tango Photo: Daniel Käsmayr, Artwork: Jalita Aspelin

Tango Photo: Daniel Käsmayr, Artwork: Jalita Aspelin

I used to dance Argentine Tango. A lot. I’ve been dancing for more than 8 years and it used to be the factor that decided which city I would move to. I started in Paris, the mecca of Tango in Europe. I’ve been there. In the obsession of having to dance every single day. Taking 12+ hours of classes per week. Walking hours on straight lines on the floor. Perfection the position and angle of my feet for aesthetic beauty.

I’ve had those feelings, so strong that I couldn’t continue to dance anymore. After 3 days in a Tango Marathon where you dance almost non-stop for days with the same people. The energy you build up and in the end. The body and feet are so tired that the only thing keeping you dancing is that energy that’s more alive than ever. When all the other layers have been stripped down naked. In that sense, Tango can actually be quite similar to Yoga. Just that it can take 3+ days and perhaps 30h…

I decided to document my yoga journey. Whilst practicing this beautiful art, there are so many things happening to my body and mind and life itself so I thought it could be useful to document it. Maybe for later, for periods in life when things don’t go so smooth. To remember what I’ve been through, the memory of myself, my body and the spirit.

First classes

I can’t really remember my first yoga classes. I must have been around 13–15 years old. My mum who is very sporty asked if I wanted to come to this “Power Yoga” thing. Maybe it has changed now, but at the time in Sweden, it was like a fitness twist to yoga. Still yoga but adapted to suit fitness studios alongside with aerobics, step-up and more traditional classes.

I remember it was quite nice and how hard it was to go or even hold a downward facing dog. In my family we were very social, meaning that if one person…

So I’ve been in China for a year and a half now. It’s both an interesting and intriguing country, especially for business.

One thing I’ve noticed is the Xinjiang restaurants that are almost on every street and how these are different from the regular noodle place.

Where will the Internet of Things, smart devices and interconnectivity take us? We hear these topics in tech and enterprise talks, but what impact will it have in our everyday lives as individual? Will we soon start to live like in futuristic films? This reality might already be here.

Of all smart devices trending in the past two years, I’ve been most intrigued by the smart home thermostats like Nest. Tracking devices like the iPhone, Fitbit and similar might be popular. …

What is IoT?

There are different definitions for what we call the Internet of Things. One of them is: “Smart devices are objects and machines that are equipped with sensors, controlled by software and connected to the Internet. They collect data, analyse them and then share them with other devices.” (Source below)

In a near future, there will be billions of computers that can send and communicate from anywhere. More of the world will become part of the network called the Internet. What will it mean for businesses? Let’s think about that for a moment. It’s both a fascinating and scary thought which…

In the last post, we covered advancements in the mobile industry and social media and their impact on your business. If you missed this post you can find it here. This week I’m exploring trends within Big Data and impacts on moving into the cloud.

Big Data Streams

Information itself has fast become the critical asset in digital business. In fact, every business is now a digital business and it doesn’t matter if you are a car company, a mobile company or a bank. But what do we mean when we talk about Big Data? As explained by SAS, it’s a popular term…

— What I would tell my 20-year old self

Generation Y = Referred to as the generation of people born between the 1980’s and 2000.

Time goes quickly and I have passed 30 already. As our economy changes and so our working prospects, the life we live today is very different from our parents. Reflecting on life, here are some things I would say to my 20-year old self.

Don’t stress so much

As a 20-year old I used to be very stressed. Too stressed for my own sake. Being 20 is the best time of life, enjoy it. All these things you “should” do is an illusion. I started university quite early, but I know many friends who waited a few years. Maybe it would have been better…

A new season has started and there have been many technological innovations in the year. This week, we are looking into two trends that are here to stay. Regardless of your industry, they will change the way your business operate.

Mobile as a primary device

According to eMarketer, 2 billion consumers worldwide will get smartphones by 2016 and half of these mobile phone users will have smartphones in 2018. Many consumers in emerging markets now get new opportunities with the rising variety of inexpensive smartphones.

The mobile revolution is far from being new but what has changed is the transformation and rapidity…

Jalita Aspelin

Consultant, UX & Visual Designer @ Columbiaroad. Passionate about Colours, Typography, Minimalism & Ashtanga Yoga @jalitaaspelin, http://jalita.me/

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