Week 5

Mental Warm your choice.

Focuses on mental computation skills. Reflect on possible answers and misconceptions students might provide.

Stage 1, Length 1 MA1–9MG

Resources- Class set of 30cm rulers, a class room, objects around the room that can be measured.

What happens- Students will work in pairs and be given a list of different class room objects to estimate how many 30cm rulers would go into the length of it. Students are to use their skills and knowledge about length to come up with in an estimate for each object, Eg the class room door, how many 30cm rulers would go into its length? Once every pair has measured the objects around the room engage in a class discussion and measure each objects length, work out how many 3ocm rulers would go into the object and have students share their answers.

Possible answers and misconceptions

Students will come up a range of different answers, this promotes a discussion. Students may have different opinions on this and this is a positive and is healthy as it requires further mathematical thinking. “Measurement requires students to develop dexterity in the use of a range of measuring instruments, competence in the use of mathematical processes such as counting, and a sound understanding of whole number and decimal number numeration” (Lockhart, n.d.) Students may have some confusion when it comes to different units of measurement E.g. inches and cm, and also ideas around tick counting.

Lockhart, P. Measurement (1st ed.).