Week 2

Reflect on the difference between mathematics and numeracy.

Mathematics is the field of study or the subject matter. Numeracy is the ability to grasp mathematical concepts. Mathematics can be seen as a stand-alone subject whereas numeracy can flow throughout a curriculum.

Numeracy is closely related to mathematics. Without a solid grounding in mathematical concepts and procedures, there can be no numeracy. On the other hand, knowledge of mathematical concepts and procedures alone is not enough to guarantee numeracy. “What mathematics is taught and how it is taught has an important bearing on the development of young people’s numeracy.”(Stephens 6)

Numeracy can be seen in many subjects eg, Numeracy in history could have to do with timelines and events, Science could be measurements of chemicals.

Measuring out chemicals and the additives, Using addition.(“Laboratory Equipment”, 2017)Time line of a student’s life. time and date being used. (“Autobiography Project”)

Measuirng out chemicals and the additives, Using addition.(“Laboratory Equipment”, 2017)
TIme line of a students life. time and date being used. (“Autobiography Project”)

The idea that numeracy flows throughout the students curriculum can have many benefits for the student. Often students do not enjoy math’s alone and feel as if they will not use this knowledge in the ‘real world’. Students may suffer from math’s anxiety, having math’s spread through the day in different subjects combats both these, firstly showing students where they will use math’s in their daily lives and secondly avoiding the pressure of preforming at math’s for those who suffer anxiety over it, eventfully their math’s skills will become stronger as they don’t feel overwhelmed as soon as the lesson starts and ‘switch off’.

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