Week 6

Reflect on your first professional experience day

What mathematics did you see, hear, read? Why do you think the classroom is set up the way it is for mathematics learning?

The students were doing timelines of their own lives, the class was exploring their own history and also each other’s. Students were learning more about each other and how everyone’s lives have been unique from one another. It was an individual task to create your own time line but students were able to share with their friends. I heard students discussing years and dates, and how long since they have been somewhere or since they have seen someone. Some students struggled with working out how many years ago some events were and some excelled at this task. All the students seemed to enjoy this task. The class room is set up in 2 long rows where students are sitting across from each other, they’re able to work easily in pairs and groups because of this, therefore group math and other subject projects are done without much fuss. Group work is important when exploring new tasks “If the relationships between grouping size, interaction type and learning tasks in groups are planned strategically then learning experiences will be more effective” (“International Journal of Educational Research”, 2009) Group work is essential to farthing a student’s learning in both content and social skills.

Online submission to the International Journal of Educational Research. (2009). International Journal Of Educational Research, 48(6), 369. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijer.2010.05.002

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