It is time to be disconnected !

Being disconnected is not an easy task especially with the time when technology is growing exponentially. Three days ago I lost my I Phone in the mall. During these days, I was unintentionally open my bag to check my phone without realizing that I lost it. Consequently, I decided to be disconnected. I attempted to convince myself that there are many things in life to do more important than digital media such as spending more time studying, having fun time with family and friends…..etc. I got many benefits from being disconnected. As a women I got self-benefits like relax, massage. The great benefit is I was close to my son playing and reading for him. I tend to spend more time using my iPhone than staying with my family.

I remember my mother when she was complaining about my brothers and me using smartphones excessively. We have been getting more involve with our phones instead of talking to her or give her any attention during family time. As a solution for this situation, she decided to bring a basket and make us to put all electronic devices on it during family meeting. To be honest, this idea of leaving our phones in the basket was not working for me because all the time I was thinking about my phone and I just wanted the time to be finished to get my phone back!

I know exactly that I cannot live without technology. Indeed, technology has become integral part of our daily life. I am so happy that I was close to my family these few days but I could not stand more than three days without I Phone. I broke my decision and ordered new one today !!!

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