The Stunning Beauty and Inspiration of Mountains

Color has immense power over feelings. Much more than being just a physical property of photons, the color of things around us can inspire awe, fear, love, comfort, unease and many more emotions. The process of color grading can tap into this repository of feelings to enhance the emotional impact of a scene. How do we stack this repository?

Over the last week, I skied at the only 365-day ski resort in Austria, the Hintertux Glacier. The glacier is located at the very end of the Zillertal valley and the small community that is the village of Hintertux sits cozily in the tight end of the valley with a sublime view of the glacier. The weather varied wildly, going from dense percipitation to blue skies to fog to 15 centimeters of snow in between days. This spectacular display of natural forces did one special thing: it kept changing the light in the Hintertux valley constantly. The skies could be lapis lazuli blue, green, rose pink or teal, bringing out the features of the valley: sheer stone walls, forests, grassy plains, a mountain creek, the glacier itself. It was a great show of natural beauty.

Since I was skiing instead of taking photos, I can’t showcase my own impressions. I found it immensely inspiring to look at the different colors and gradients that were on display in Hintertux so I want to share a few pictures I got off the internet to share my awe of mountains. Maybe you can pull something out of these images for your work.


These images are free to use as per / I understand they will be shopped but that’s okay, that’s what we colorists do 24/7 isn’t it ;) Also, for next week, I promise a nice long post contrasting the color grading in House of Cards, Lord of the Rings and Aviator, so stay tuned and subscribe to be the first to get my fresh new ebook “5 Indie Color Grading Hacks” once it’s released.

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