Working with Sass

Sass is a CSS framework, provide to the developer the opportunity to develop better stylesheets. I haven’t work with this framework before the start as an apprentice at Pernix but reading some documentation and watching some code I understood that Sass is very nice.

Simplify CSS

CSS is nice but could be very difficult create good and maintainable code, so I have learned a little of this features of Sass in my time as a developer of Pernix.


Store information that will be using a lot of times along the code is very useful having a variable to that, to create variables the syntax on Sass is the $ symbol. In my experience, I used a lot to store the code of color that I will use a long the stylesheet.


To encapsulate code in a better way we can use nesting, on this way we can maintain and style the code, looks like more organize and easy to understand.


A familiar word in the programming world, if we need to use some code and adding some others specific attributes the inheritance can help us a lot. This feature of Sass is very useful and with the directive @extend we can share a part of CSS from one selector to another.

These are principal features that I use at this time but Sass have other functionalities as functions, control directives, operators, mixins that are very useful and make this framework a very nice option to learn.

Final words

Before learning Sass I didn’t like work with CSS, but this framework makes more friendly create good stylesheets so all this time working with Sass was great and I expect to learn more about their features and make better style code.

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