Life in the Big Apple.

Choosing these particular photos for my photo essay was really exciting to me. I decided to use my photos from my New York visit back in March of 2017. Since our overall topic is culture I wanted to show the culture of another city to help emphasize that different cities have different cultures and different ways of living. Walking around in Texas is very different than walking around in New York. The bright lights, the love for liberal arts, and the different areas are culturally advanced to say the least. All you have to do is catch a subway and you go from China town to Little Italy in a matter of minutes. The fast pace environment and independent lifestyle will have you sucked into the New York culture in no time. It may be hard to adjust to, but you’ll definitely have fun while doing it. The diversity of the food, the different broad way shows, and even the basic street fashion are all aspects that contribute to this amazing culture of the city.

Not only will these photos show the average day of a New York Resident, but it will also show you the expression of the culture through art, and architecture. I wanted to organize these pictures by alternating between photos of art and theatre to photos of architecture and signs. This will give the viewer variety and detail, and also be able to give the viewer a wide spectrum of emotion and expression.

I decided to heighten the saturation, take blurry shots, and gray scale different pictures to convey different meaning and emotions, and to also steer away from the same presentation in each photo. I also decided to alternate between landscape and portrait to show wider angles or focus on images a little closer. I think that it is important to show art, architecture, and nightlife, in different views and angles to be able to capture the entire essence of the photo and the moment captured. I hope I am able to show you the life and excitement of New York City through the lens of my Iphone 6s, and help expose you to the culture of the Big Apple.

This picture was taken in China Town. New York is known for being split up into smaller towns and areas like, Little Italy, China Town, and Little Cuba. The cultural diversity in New York stands out a lot and the population is only growing more and more.
This picture was taken on our way to Little Italy. Street art is a very good expression in New York. Although there is Street art and graffiti, it doesn’t compare to the art and murals shown in New York. I like that this picture was taken at a lower angle to make it seem like the picture is larger than you think it is.
This blurry shot of the night life in New York City is very important yet very vague. The amount of people you see walking around and the amount of traffic that is still happening at this time is really shocking. this is the true definition of a city that never sleeps.
This picture was taken after riding the subway to the Bronx. This mode of transportation is very common and an everyday thing for residents in New York City.
This picture was taken of my friend at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
This picture was taken inside of St. Patricks Cathedral. The architecture of this cathedral is very unique and the size of it is drastic to say the least. The dedication to religious affiliations and faith is strongly expressed.
This picture was taken in Radio City Music Hall. The importance of theatre and the arts is shown through the picture of the theatre. We have a couple of theaters downtown in Houston, but they aren’t nearly as Historic or known as Radio City Music Hall.
This picture was took in the middle of Central Park. There is a clear representation of the difference of culture in New York. The weather is clearly different than what we experience in Texas
This picture takes in place in the heart of Times Square. As you can see this picture is really different from the China Town. This picture shows the importance and emphasis of how much New York values advertisement and displaying of media and arts, which is very different from Texas.
This picture was taken at Ground Zero of the newly built World Trade Center. The futuristic look of this building helps make it clear that the idea of the architecture of skyscraper. This building can compare to the William’s Tower in Houston.