iPhone X just broke the years of classless iPhones

Since the beginning of iPhone there has been an interesting classless situation. Last year the President, CEO of Adobe, and the guy who just installed your new HVAC system all used the same phone. Sure there were some differences in color, memory, and screen size but for the most part everyone could get an iPhone.

Apple just released it’s iPhone X with a hefty price of $999. This has pushed it into a new realm of devices. This phone has created a new class. Now when you walk down the street, if you have the iPhone X, it says you can burn a $1000 hole in your pocket just for the latest iPhone.

Now what phone you have makes a statement about your financial situation. The iPhone X and Note 8 are both extremely expensive phones and only some will be able to justify the purchase when there are other devices like the iPhone 8 and S8+ to compete with.

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