Military Diet Success Stories

A ray of hope to those who want to lose a significant amount of weight, the Military Diet offers you a great way to shed off as much as 10 pounds within a week. While you are allowed to eat ice cream and some treats during the entire course, following the Military Diet is not as easy as it sounds. So before we jump into some of the testimonies that prove the efficiency of this diet (let’s call these the Military Diet Success Stories), let’s take a quick look at some of the facts that you need to know.

The Military Diet in a Nutshell

The Military Diet requires you to follow a 3-day meal plan. This means that you would have to eat specific food portions during breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the entire course, you are not allowed to cheat on your diet as this will affect your overall success rate. Depending on your metabolism, along with the previous diets you already tried, the Military Diet can help you lose around 10 pounds in 7 days.

Put simply, results may vary from one person to another. Plus, if you already have a healthy diet and lifestyle, you may not be able to shed 10 pounds after 7 days because you do not have a lot of fat to lose.

Most importantly, eating food items filled with empty calories after the 3-day diet won’t help you achieve the best results. Hence, it is still important for you to eat in moderation even after you complete the Military Diet. Again, moderation is always the key to a healthier and fitter you.

Military Diet: Top Success Stories

A Mother’s Road to Fitness

Pregnancy and childbirth can completely change a woman’s body. Renee, a mother of two, doubled in weight after giving birth to her second child. At first, she used the good old ‘pregnancy excuse’. After all, everybody gains weight during and after pregnancy, right?

As months passed by, she kept on snacking in between meals, not noticing that she was already gaining more pounds than she should. She only realized the big change in her body when she found her old pictures. Right then, she knew that she needed to look for solutions.

Just like anyone who wants to quickly lose weight, Renee looked for diet plans that would possibly work for her. When she learned about the Military Diet, she was very hesitant at first because the claims were almost unbelievable. However, since it was only 3 days, she took a shot at it, hoping it can help her achieve her goals.

Following the Military Diet was a tough challenge for Renee, especially since she was used to eating large quantities of food throughout the day. But because she was dedicated to lose weight, she followed the 3-day meal plan. To her surprise, her weight went down from 215 pounds to 205 pounds in just 3 days. She did lose 10 pounds, as promised!

Afterward, she followed other diet plans, and after 15 weeks, she was able to shed off as much as 45 pounds. Indeed, Renee’s story is proof that hard work and dedication can really pay off — yes, even after pregnancy and childbirth.

Binge Eating in the Midst of Stress

Binge eating is a common resort of people who are always under stress and pressure. Cathy, a teenage stage actress, portrays different roles. Because of her job, she needed to always stay fit so she can be presentable to other people.

Her stressful work environment, along with the pressure she constantly faced, led to binge eating. She started eating junk food, sodas and sweets. In her mind, she can always lose pounds by working out and staying physically active.

However, she became busy juggling work, leading to a sedentary lifestyle. She slowly gained weight until she realized her need to find a program that can perfectly fit her. Fortunately, she found out about the Military Diet through her colleagues.

At first, following the meal plan was extremely difficult for her, but she was dedicated enough to follow it till the end. After 3 days, she lost 6 pounds. To maintain her figure, she decided to continue eating healthily until she found her way to a completely new lifestyle.

Weight Loss Plateau is Not the End of the Road

Many people who lose a significant amount of pounds may experience weight loss plateau during the duration of their diet plan. Becca, a 32-year-old who weighed around 332 pounds, was living in sadness and despair. She knew she needed to do something about her weight, so she started working out and eating moderately.

After 3 months of exercise, she was able to lose 20 pounds. Because of this, she continued adopting a more active lifestyle and avoiding excessive food consumption. To her surprise, she did not lose weight after all her efforts. This was when weight loss plateau hit her.

Because she was determined to lose more weight, she looked for other diet plans that might help her. The 3-Day Military Diet caught her attention because of its timetable. If exercise and diet only made her lose 20 pounds in 3 months, where’s the harm in trying out this diet plan if she can potentially lose 10 pounds. After all, it’s just 3 days.

Upon starting the diet, Becca didn’t find it difficult to follow the meal plan because she was already used to cutting down on her food consumption. She religiously followed the food portions listed on the menu so she can maximize her results.

After 3 days, she was ecstatic to find out that she lost 10 pounds. Because the diet was only recommended for 3 days, she resorted to exercising and limiting her food consumption for the next few weeks. After another 2 months, she was able to lose 67 pounds. Indeed, the Military Diet worked its wonders on Becca.

More than helping you lose weight, the Military Diet can completely transform your life. With the right perception and attitude, you can jumpstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle with the help of this amazing weight loss plan.

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