That Night in June

A/N: inspired loosely by Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock.

T/W; rape, homoerotica. stuff you asses wont be able tolerate so fuck you all. jk.

I’ll kill my friend tonight

’Cause he forgot my birthday and

He pushed me down the sheets

One time on a hot night in June

Where his wall screamed

With the pleads I heaved

That night in June

Where we used to spend playing

Video games, now

He’s the one playing me

That night in June

Where his mom gave us cookies

And baked us little dreams

Sending us to the lands of

Everlasting childhood now

They’re wasted and broken and

That night in June

He told me,

It will be alright, honey

That night in June

He used that sweet name

The one mom had always called me

And then he dove

One night in June

Through the pain of endless tears

Into me

That night in June

The blankets were my grave

Buried deep

Within that night in June

Naked breaths seeing

Heaving chests rubbing

Ruffled orgasms tangling

That night in June

The bed creaked

Violently beneath our bodies

That night

The sweat drops

On the pillow

That hot night

I wanted to cry and deny but

I got the pleasure when he held

The heavens that night in June

And stroked it all the way

Into the ninth circle of hell

And kissed the demon on his neck

Because that night in June

We both burnt our souls

We both lost our light

But God forbid

That night in June

Wasn’t the only night

We both sinned and

Hailed Satan

Because every single time

Not just that one night in June

He’d burst inside me and

I’d pushed up for him

He’d scream my name and I’d

Praise him like the God he used to

Be where the angels sang lullabies

And the night sky spit fireflies

That night in June that started this

Insanity of secret promises

Because the days of June

Were all just blooming lies

Of us being the greatest friends

And hiding the marks

Of that night in June

Under the tangling sheets

But it’s been rotting under

For so long

In all nights of June

I ponder and wander

Of kissing the foot of mountains

In broad daylight

Not just in the night of June

But the harsh whispers of Winter and

Spring singing until November

So I blew my wishes into his ears

In the last night of June

And he turned the world back on me

He didn’t kiss me any summer

He didn’t let the fall on the water

He didn’t blossom in the seasons

No longer

Was June that one night I dreamed of

No longer was June

The night I screamed his name

No longer was June

No longer were the nights in June

So the candles lit

On top of sweet eighteens

And he didn’t call like that night in June

Like how he called my name

Under the ceiling

Of every night in June

In the last seventy days

The nights faded

Died before my eyes

So I take this pretty iron

And start the night of June

Again in hell

With the angels singing

I will take him

Into that night of June

I’ll kill my friend tonight

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