2nd Quarter-4th Entry

(Sept. 25 to Oct. 1 2016)

Title: Unity, Fun and Preparations.

Dear God,

If everyday I lose my hope. Please, remind me that your plans, are better than my dreams.

Monday- I’m absent this day. I’m actually woke up at 5:00 am in the morning. But, after I ate a breakfast, check my things for school, and take a shower, I’m all done that in 5:45 am actually. I said to my self I’m leave at our house at 6:00 am. But, I take a nap in our study table, I put my head down just a moment, I said to my self just shortly. But, it come to 7:59 am. Seriously, I’m going to school that time!!! Nah, I lost a half time for a subject & I’m late too, so I don’t go.

Tuesday- I’m not absent for this day. We do usually like, listen to our teacher, answer quizes and seatwork. After class, We actually remember these day is our preparation for our festival. (Only to our grade 9 student for grade to our P.E. Subject ). We have a maskara. Sir Danielle Dela Cruz is help us too. We have a less day and time to prepared for the dance step including props. But, there was fun even we have limited time and days for preparation, we formed a dance step half of the song actually, we are tired but for our grade, we effort to it. For our section song is “Piliin mo ang Pilipinas”.

Wednesday- I’m absent… again. I’m late wake up again. Honestly, I’m tired to what happened yesterday that’s why I’m late waking. We go home yesterday 6:00 pm, after the dance practice. We(my family) ate at 9:00 pm, after that I washing the dishes, tied my hair, brush my teeth, washed my face, check my thing(just do something for) I untied my hair and I combed my hair. Lastly, I sleep at 10:00 pm. I wake at 7:15 am. I’m late again, too late to go to school. I’m wonder if my seats is different when we practice for tomorrow.

Thursday- I’m present for this day I’m not absent. We do usually like I said we listen to our teachers, do/ answering quizes and weatworks. We(student of grade 9) do practice including buy a material for our props in festival. I go home 6:15 pm. Actually it’s late my curfew is 6:00 pm, I’m afraid to scold by my father, because I know what might happened to the girls now in our country. Especially if you are alone on the road.

Friday- I’m not absent for today, because I’m excited and I’m thankfully that are performance is not yesterday and its happened for this. Yesterday, is our last practice. This day is our final performance, actually we nervous at the same time excited. We/I convinced our/my self to be confidence, had fun and give our/my best. Finally, after our performance festival, Sir Danielle announced how are perfomance is good. But, I didn’t expect to it, the important is we give our best. I’m happily, that are performance is get well and our judges is enjoyed and surprised. “They were not expecting it to happen like that.”- Sir Danielle.

Anyway, 😊🎉 Congratulations to everyone. 👏😊 (Grade 9- OLM)

Man says… Show me and I’ll trust you… God says… Trust me and I’ll show you. (Psalm l 26:6)

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them. But, you know they are always there…

Miriam Defensor- Santiago.- Condolence (June 15, 1945 to September 29 2016)

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