The 4 Tech Tools That Make Me A Sales Machine!

We all use tools that ideally make us more effective. Here’s a short list of tools that should make any rep, especially reps working in smaller organization, more efficient and productive as they work to close deals:

Note: I’ve used these tools and I’m a fan of the companies that produce them. I have no affiliation with any of these companies. Nor do I receive any commissions from telling others about these products

1) Yesware

Did you read the email that I sent to you? I know you did. You even forwarded it to someone else. Yesware let’s you track email and work more efficiently. Knowing that a prospect received, read, and forwarded your proposal is great. Knowing this information and no receiving a reply from the prospect…not so great : ) But at least you can make a decision to pursue the opportunity or move on to another one. Yesware offers much more, but its basic functionality is valuable to sales reps.

2) Base CRM

I love Base. Great mobile UX, love that you can customize the funnel to match your sales process, it’s intuitive, and data entry is not a hassle. It also integrates with Outlook. It’s a simple yet powerful tool.

3) JoinMe

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a call talking to a prospect, customer, investor, etc and needed to share my screen to drive home a point. JoinMe is a collaboration tool. It’s ridiculously easy to use and it works great. For example, JoinMe provides a link that you can send to others. Once they click the link they’ll be able to see your screen. I’ve been using it for a few years now.


It gets no better than this for the busy sales person. is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered personal assistant for scheduling meetings. I first experienced when a friend used it to schedule a conference call with me. The experience was so amazing that I felt like I was communicating with a real person. I even asked my friend, “when did you hire an assistant? : ). Try it b/c it will save you a ton of time by eliminating the back and forth that happens when attempting to schedule meetings.

Well, I left one off. My coffee!! :)

Thanks for reading. Please clap, share and reach out if you need sales strategy and advice. I love sales!

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